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What is there to write about?

The slinky way the clouds move in as the blue of the sky darkens toward dusk?

The mosquito-whine of race cars from the other room, where the Playstation seems to be always on?

The meatball & potato pie leftovers that my husband made for the crayfish party?

The way the ripening pears hang from the overstuffed trees of the allé?

How my brother doesn't post enough photos of how cute my new nephew is?

How pleased I am about Karin's school choice so far, and guess what? Her English & Spanish teacher is an American who lives in FLYINGE! I know! She's lived here for SEVEN years. How did I not know about her??

What else is there to write about?

The fact that I need some ideas for host & hostess gifts to take with me to Boston? Is it just me that thinks Orrefors crystal and smörknivar are old hat?

How I can look at my daughter slouched in the big chair with her long, tan, muscular legs propped up on the arm and marvel over the fact that she is everything physically that I have never been?

How Martin obligingly plants an elbow in the sore spot of my shoulder and presses until I squeak whenever I ask him to?

How much I wish my friend Camilla lived closer? Seeing her twice a year isn't enough. I got to see her twice this visit, though!

How glad I am that I keep track of the books people borrow from me?

How today I could FEEL the WHAM of everyone returning to work this week, as request after request zinged into my inbox?

How unbelievably cute the new border collie puppy next door is, and how sad I feel to think that that little scrap of adorableness is essentially a replacement for Max, the now extremely elderly border collie that has lived there since we all moved in?

How some days I would like to tell certain members of a certain club I might allegedly belong to, to get the hell over themselves already, but am then saved from doing so by certain other members who unknowingly recall to me just why I keep on doing what I do for the club to begin with?

How hopeful I am for a smooth recovery for jackiejj?

Is there more to write about?

Yes. There always is. It's in here somewhere.

What are YOU writing about?
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