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  • A forecast for all-day rain that turns out to be COMPLETELY wrong

  • Taking the day off

  • Sleeping IN on a work day

  • Planning ahead

  • Having a brainwave on the way to Lund and going to the train station in Hjärup instead where the parking is free all day!

  • Getting up on the train platform to discover that someone vandalized the ticket machines the night before* and they were being replaced, so: free train ride to Malmö!

  • Having everyone show up for the AWC lunch on time

  • Festival food! Moose Wok, Wild Pig Pockets, SUSHI! Langos! Churros! Mini-donuts! (I didn't eat all of that, but it was all available)

  • Fun chatting with a bunch of nice people, and lovely surprise news from an AWC friend: she got married this summer AND she's expecting a baby!

  • Sunshine! Blue skies! Happy people all over the place!

  • Being shown where "the best candy store in Sweden" is, on a side street in Malmö, and finding Napoleon Lemon Balls in the assortment!

  • Luxury alone time to mosey along the walking street and stop in any store I wanted, including bookstores. I didn't actually buy anything, but it was very soothing, regardless

  • Meeting up with my family in the late afternoon and having more festival fun!

  • A sweet & affectionate email from my dear friend Becky waiting in my inbox when I got home

  • Myskväll and re-watched HP71 because tomorrow we are FINALLY going to see HP72!

  • Sleeping in tomorrow, too!
*I should clarify that I don't think the vandalism was a good thing. Just the result for me!
mood: content
music: Gotye—Somebody That I Used to Know


Yay for days when everything seems to go just right!


It was like the stars aligned or something! (or Mercury went out of retrograde...whatever...hahaa!)

Wonderful post, L. Two successive days of sleeping in-priceless!

I know! I live for sleeping-in; how ridiculous is that?!


So delighted to hear about your Funday! Love, Lizardmom

It was lovely. Wish I had more of those! :)

From Megsie

Ah, the perfect day. Swoon. I love days like that, and they are few and far between! xo

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