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  • A forecast for all-day rain that turns out to be COMPLETELY wrong

  • Taking the day off

  • Sleeping IN on a work day

  • Planning ahead

  • Having a brainwave on the way to Lund and going to the train station in Hjärup instead where the parking is free all day!

  • Getting up on the train platform to discover that someone vandalized the ticket machines the night before* and they were being replaced, so: free train ride to Malmö!

  • Having everyone show up for the AWC lunch on time

  • Festival food! Moose Wok, Wild Pig Pockets, SUSHI! Langos! Churros! Mini-donuts! (I didn't eat all of that, but it was all available)

  • Fun chatting with a bunch of nice people, and lovely surprise news from an AWC friend: she got married this summer AND she's expecting a baby!

  • Sunshine! Blue skies! Happy people all over the place!

  • Being shown where "the best candy store in Sweden" is, on a side street in Malmö, and finding Napoleon Lemon Balls in the assortment!

  • Luxury alone time to mosey along the walking street and stop in any store I wanted, including bookstores. I didn't actually buy anything, but it was very soothing, regardless

  • Meeting up with my family in the late afternoon and having more festival fun!

  • A sweet & affectionate email from my dear friend Becky waiting in my inbox when I got home

  • Myskväll and re-watched HP71 because tomorrow we are FINALLY going to see HP72!

  • Sleeping in tomorrow, too!
*I should clarify that I don't think the vandalism was a good thing. Just the result for me!
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