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I am breathless with the amount of things I have to do lately. It's non-stop go go go from the moment my alarm shrills in my ear until the moment I switch off the light and burrow down beneath the covers again. Every day is filled; work is crazy busy and the evenings are no better. Something every minute that is calling, pushing, pulling, demanding my attention and my time.

I just wrote out a list of things I've done today, mostly to impress you, then realized no one really cares except me, what I've accomplished on my to-do list, and deleted it again.

Tomorrow evening is the start of our AWC regional conference that our club is hosting. Despite the committee's disappointment with the total numbers, I know that we will have a good time and be inspired by interesting, energetic women. I am hosting four people at our house tomorrow & Saturday night, displacing my daughter from her bed if she can't find a friend willing to let her sleep over the 2 nights. Tomorrow is a welcome reception dinner, Saturday and all-day conference, and Sunday I'm dropping my houseguests back off in Malmö for a walking tour of the city organized by 2 of our club members and heading, with Anders and the kids, to lunch with his parents.

Then I have to get packing because Tuesday I leave for Boston! Wheeee!

Work is so nuts right now that I almost don't want to go. We've been, and are still, short-staffed and there are a ton of meetings the weeks I am gone, here in Lund, which means I am missing people and things that it might be important not to have missed. Ah well. Work goes on.

And besides, I have such great things to look forward to in Boston, besides working with the great American marketing team: seeing Lizardmom again, seeing my Uncle Sam & Aunt Joanne, and SQUAMMING with Elizabeth. Squee!

And I just got approval to attend a 2-day conference in Amsterdam in October. Anyone there want to meet up for dinner on the 10th?

Also, how can it be SEPTEMBER already? Holy Holly, Batman, that means it's only FOUR MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!


Busy Buzzing Bee Belated Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker and girlinthemoon!
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