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A sheen of green has appeared, looking totally confused and out of season, on our giant sea of dirt. Maybe we will actually have a LAWN next year! Incidentally, Sheen of Green would be a great name for a rock band.

My condolences to courtesy on the outcome of the game, by the way, and to my other Aussie friend, to whom I apologize profusely for forgetting in this particular instance, sorry ozswede!!!

Karin is about to get pounded into a little pulp. She's driving me bananas with her whining and grumping and accusatory demands. McDonald's trip for dinner to get Happy Meal Finding Nemo toys is close to being revoked.

The house is picked up, except for the kid's department. Two loads of laundry in the works. Dishwasher run. Kids fed. Magazines sorted. Clothes sorted but not put away. Showered and dressed.

Still to do: wrap kid present, finish laundry, finish AWC site and upload it. Refrain from strangling small child. Figure out how to get the car keys from Katrina in Malmö before Monday. Verify cookie ingredients and go shopping for those I don't have. Sing Cookie Monster song. Stop looking out the window to see if Anders has arrived, you pathetic thing.
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