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I feel the need for posting but what with a painful arm and shoulder, and a million other things to do that require sitting at a computer putting more strain on said arm & shoulder, I keep not doing it. :(

The sky is so blue today. It's been beautiful all week. Blue sunny, autumn-breezy, not a cloud in the sky. This is my favorite kind of weather. It's why autumn was my favorite season for most of my life (until I moved to Sweden and found out how much I need Spring).

The kids and I have been slowly watching the 2nd season of Glee on DVD, none of which we saw at all during the last year, except for 15 minutes here and there. We just watched the episode with Gwyneth Paltrow and now I can't get Cee Lo Green's music out of my head.

The puppy next door is killing me with the cuteness. I can see him out the window. AAAH! PUPPY!

When I was in the States, I went to my favorite store and bought a bazillion tops. All of them except one are patterned and even the one solid top has a pattern sewn on in the same fabric. Every time I put a new shirt on, Martin says, "HYPNOTIZING!" Hee!

There are 17 people signed up for sushi night tonight. Do I dare tell them the restaurant doesn't have a liquour license yet?

There are SIXTY people signed up for pumpkin patch on Saturday. Please, gorgeous weather, stick around until then!!

I had approval from my boss to go to a 2-day Adobe Seminar in Amsterdam in October, but it just got postponed (with no reason given and no new dates mentioned). I am bummed because I had already made plans to get together with 3 LJ friends for dinner the 2nd night and now it isn't going to happen...or at least not until they let me know when it will be rescheduled. The website still lists it as actual, so not sure what's going on there. Poo. I want to go to Holland!

So, now I'm putting energy into figuring out how to get down to Germany for my nephew's baptism. The date isn't optimal, but hopefully we can make it work. I've been asked to be Sammo's godparent: how fun! John told me they were going to ask Martin but turns out you have to be 16 to be a godparent in the Catholic Church (in Germany, at least). I told them if they picked me, he'd get better gifts, since I have an income and Martin only gets a monthly allowance pittance. :D Apparently, it doesn't seem to matter that I'M not Catholic.

At the grocery store the other day, they had a bin of fresh figs in the produce section. I've never eaten a fresh fig. I don't care for dried figs (don't care for most dried fruit actually, though dried pineapple is REALLY yummy), so my only real interaction with figs has been of the jam variety. I've heard and read people rhapsodize about fresh figs though, and since you can only get them for an insanely short season, I never thought I'd really have the opportunity to try them. But! Now I have THREE fresh figs.

On the recommendations of my Facebook commenters, I have also bought cheese (brie & chevre) and crackers to eat them with. Stay tuned for a verdict!

In other food news: Reese's Minis: ZOMG SO GOOD NOM NOM!
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