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Today was the first completely pain-free left-arm day in 4 weeks. I have no idea why, but MAN, am I happy about it.

Fresh figs with brie or chevre cheese on crackers were good but honestly? Nothing that special.

The weather has been so incredibly beautiful that it makes me want to sing.

i can't get Silly Love Songs by Wings out of my head, and really, why would I want to?

In the past 3 days I have emailed 134 paid AWC members with their directory info to double-check and today I called 44 (with more or less success) of the remaining 85 that we haven't heard from. I have a meeting tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'll have to do the rest on Tuesday & Thursday plus re-call the ones I couldn't get hold of the first time. Whew!

The pumpkin patch event was awesome! So many happy smiling faces and so many beautiful pumpkins!

mood: happy
music: Silly Love Songs in my head


That is a fantastic picture of autumn joy!

I agree! It really makes me smile :)


She is my kinda cute!!! Happy, sassy, and fun. So glad to hear about your arm/shoulder/ pain thing. I have been thinking of it and sending you healing thoughts alot. So I take full credit for the fix. :)

Love ya Seester!!

2 days pain-free though I can feel twinges right now. Going to the naprapat again tomorrow and took another tablet just now, so hope it will be gone for good by morning!


So very glad that your arm is better - Finally! I am having a fun visit in the land of Normal. Love, Lizardmom

Finally is right! 4 weeks is much too long! Glad to hear you are having fun! I want to hear about the art thingy!

Love the photo. And HUZZAH!!! on being pain-free! :-)

I'm not big on figs, but my mom has a recipe for cooking them, then lightly sugaring them and topping with a nut of some sort, and OH, MAN, are they good that way! (Hmmm, perhaps I should ask her for that recipe, for my Christmas baking/cooking/crafting this year...)

That sounds good too. I have one left and plan to eat it up tomorrow with the last of the brie :)

great pic!
i also bought pumpkins this weekend. is that common orange lantern-type pumpkin edible?

It is, and you can make pie or roast the seeds, but it's not as good for pies as the really bright orangey-red ones or the grey-ish ones, from what I've been told.

What a fantastic and beautiful picture of Karin. When was it exactly that she turned int a teenager...?

And three cheers for being pain free!

About the time she hit two years old :P

From Megsie

Oh, that photo of Karin is WONDERFUL! I am so glad that your arm is on the mend. I sure hope there was no pain today either. Pain is such an awful thing. Happy October!

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