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  • Sugar beets on the edges of the roads

  • Sugar beet truck traffic causing the village speed limit to be lowered to 30kmh...ARGH

  • Seasonal satisfaction about not ever having bothered to put up blinds in the bedroom

  • The annual tussle with Karin about why it is no longer okay (read: warm enough) to continue wearing shorts

  • Honking v-formation flights of southbound swans and geese

  • The welcome disappearance of flies and mosquitoes

  • A major disinclination to crawl out from under the covers in the morning

  • Double rainbows over Flyinge thanks to simultaneous rain & sunshine

  • Daily morning ice-scraper use to remove condensation, whether icy or dripping

  • Ornamental gourd table centerpiece

  • Pumpkin-shaped PEEPS

  • Plans to hunt out all the hats, gloves and scarves

  • Flannel sheets!

  • Yellow leaves, brown leaves, orange leaves, red leaves, NO LEAVES

  • Giant purple & green potted cabbages in lieu of summer flowers

  • Pumpkins waiting to go under the knife

  • Sweaters & socks

  • A faint sound of jingle bells in the not-so-very distance
Warm & Wooley Birthday Wishes to gissa!
Tags: goodthings, wonderfulworld


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