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Wait, where did the week go??

Anders leaves for Texas tomorrow (for 2 weeks, wah!) and to make it worse his taxi is coming at 3:00 a.m which means he has to get up at 2:30 A.M. and his being gone means I have to get up 25 minutes earlier every school day in order to get Karin moving on time.

It's been a crazy week and I'm having trouble remembering what exactly I did that made it so crazy. Busy, yes, but unusually so? No.

I saw the naprapat again and while the pain in my shoulder, arm and back has disappeared, I have a constant prickling pain in the tip of my pointer finger, which indicates that all is still not well with the nerve that was pinched. I keep getting told to try acupuncture. I don't WANT to try acupuncture. GAH.

We had an AWC meet & greet party at Cate's house on Wednesday night and it was a smash success with a few older members, several fairly new members, a handful of VERY new members and at least 5 people that aren't members at all but hopefully will be. I hit it off with one of them especially and really hope she joins, and the others, too, but so far no registrations have come in. One of the prospective members was an American woman who had a cupcake/baking business in Malmö. NOM.

I have been thinking for some weeks that I really needed to do a closet purge because there was no room on the hanging rod on my side of the closet. So today, motivation finally hit and I managed to empty an entire drawer and then fill 4 big bags full of clothes I never wear. I even managed to let go of several garments that I've been unable to part with for years despite either not being able to fit into them for ages or just never feeling comfortable in them, but liking them too much (I'm a sucker for embroidery) to release them.

The kids and I finished watching the Season 2 Glee DVD today. I also watched 2 BBC movies this past week that I ordered which were based on Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart books. Now I'm re-reading the books.

Today, we received the list of recommendations for our next year's worth of book group books to vote on; there were 26 to choose from and we had to vote for 10. I was a bit bummed that several of the books on the list were by authors that we've already read books by, and several were books I've already read, but I will just have to hope that they don't get voted in.

What are you reading?
What are you watching?
What are you looking forward to reading or watching?

Leaf-Falling, Frost-Gathering Belated Birthday Wishes to bezigebij!
mood: tired
music: Karin singing in the bathtub, the TV in the background


HUrrah for Anders that he gets to come to the States- but BUMMER that the rest of you aren't coming! Hope the getting up earlier becomes a bonus instead of a dread! Delighted that the meeting at Cate's was so well attended- I had a chat last night with her Mom.
what am I watching? - well.. not the 3rd dvd of Lord of the Rings - which I brought home from your sister's a week ago...still sitting next to the tv! And still have not seen all of season 1 of Glee! I am way behind! BUt I did watch the 1st episode of "Last Man Standin, the new Tim The Tool Man series, and enjoyed it. ALso have started watching "Modern Family" -only 2 years late, but it's a hoot! Love, Lizardmom

He's going to hook up with Kathey & Russell at some point so I'm super envious!!

Yay Glee!!

I am reading everything by Ann Patchett.
I just watched (on hulu) the most recent episodes of Glee, Grey's Anatomy, & Private Practice.
Just before I got sick, or more honestly, in the first round of thinking I was getting better (cough drops in hand) I went out and saw The Help, which was excellent (so was the book) and the last Harry Potter movie.
I have been listening to books on cd around the house, and am in the middle of the Outlander series (again) so looking forward to the next installment of that.
In the car, books on tape, currently novels by Ellis Peters. I'm a big fan.

Re: Yay Glee!!

I have never read Ann Patchett or Ellis Peters. Doesn't Peters write under another name as well?

Re: Yay Glee!!

Ellis Peters was her pseudonym, but I'm not sure if she wrote under another name. Her story is delightful. Google her sometime.
I had not read Ann Patchett either, but apparently she has some best seller out now (which I haven't read.) My housemate brought several of her books home from the library, and while I was still in recovery mode and had burned through my stacks, I sneaked into my housemate's stack. She reads much less than I do and we have a common library book basket, so it was very easy to do. I promise I was respectful of her reading rights. I detest not being able to lay hands on a book when I am ready for it.
Anyhow, I liked the first one I read, a novel, so much that I went on to read several other, both novels and non-fiction. Check her out.
Some titles are;
Truth & Beauty
Bel Canto

From Megsie

Reading: Reflection papers handed in from my students

Watching: Modern Family, The Office (I miss Steve Corell), Private Practice, Castle....

Looking forward to: ANY book, but a whole book that I haven't read!! I am thinking about Laini's new book, or the book Jeanine wrote about (but I didn't read it because of the spoiler alert), or something else from my bedside doesn't matter. I just want to sit and read!!

Loved this post, like all that came before!


Re: From Megsie

Have still never seen Modern Family and don't even know what Castle is! My TV skillz are lame.

Re: From Megsie

You totally HAVE to watch Modern Family. We just started last year, and it is laugh out loud funny.

And Castle:

I'm about to start reading Sarah Water's "The Little Stranger" - which I suggested for my bookclub to read (we take turns in suggesting). And I just watched the remake of Footloose in the movies - surprisingly good actually!

I keep picking up and putting down Sarah Waters' books any time I see them in the bookstore, not sure why. They LOOK good, they SOUND good, but something keeps shying me away.


I'm reading mostly mid to awful cozy mysteries I find for my Kindle, but I'm also rereading all the Agatha Christie Miss Marples I have (in book form) and then tracking them down on Youtube to watch their different versions and see which rendition I like best. So far the 1980s Miss Marple is my clear favorite!


I remember going through a manic Agatha Christie phase in late high school; read everything I could get my hands on. Good stuff :)

Just read in one sitting, Rebecca Skloot's "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," a riveting nonfiction book. I'm hoping to finish the following books: "Maiden Voyages: Writings of Women Travellers," and Alice Walker's "In Search of Our Mothers' Garden." I have Pablo Cuelho's "The Pilgrimage" and "The Alchemist" in line for re-reading-if and when I have more time.

Hope you enjoy your time as a (temporary) single parent ;)

I bought Henriette Lacks in the States and just voted for it on our bookgroup list...I REALLY hope it gets voted in, but I can't wait to read it either way!

Oh, I LOVED this book! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. So interesting and has so many factions to think about. This is the common book at our school for this year. I had to do a bit of work writing down the family tree in the beginning. I couldn't keep track of which generation was which. Once I got to the middle I was okay though. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

YOU are the reason I bought it, and recommended it to our bookgroup! :)

From Willow

We have been watching The Wire, are up to the 5th (and last) season. It's SO GOOD! Really amazing character development for a TV show, and the story gets inside my head the way books do (rare for TV).

With reading, I'm kind of in lull. Started "Packing for Mars", which is the SF one city one book read, but only got about halfway through before my mind started drifting too much from all the science of space travel. Mary Roach is a great writer though! And reading an old one, "The Education of Little Tree", which I never read in school. The last book I've read that I really liked was Ann Patchett's "State of Wonder". I like her a lot, and her new book didn't disappoint me.

I love it when you write about what you're reading!

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