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Watched a DVD with the kids last night that contained the first 3 episodes from the TV series Bewitched, which I used to LOVE. They were...ASTOUNDED by the special effects. I thought Elizabeth Montgomery was great, and I must have heard back in 1995 that she had died of cancer, but I didn't remember it so I was a little sad when I googled her last night and found out she'd passed away at 62.

Do you remember when Dick York was just quietly replaced with Dick Sargent and nobody seemed to notice? I was too young to pay attention, but did you know what happened to him? He suffered a debilitating back injury while filming a movie and eventually was unable to act. He was only 63 when he died.

If you remember that, which Dick did you like better?

He didn't fare much better; Mr. Sargent. He died when he was only 64.

I think I'd have to watch more episodes...I remember liking their daughter Tabitha and thinking that was a cool name, though my very favorite name for years and years, for a girl, was Jaime. I had a friend at some point named Jaime, for a short time. She was a bit older and I idolized her for however long it was we lived in the same place and she taught me all the words to Running Bear. I can still sing much more of it than I would like to admit. Poor Little White Dove! Too bad neither one of them reached their sixties.

You know, one thing that I kept thinking about when I heard that Steve Jobs passed away this month was that he was only 56 and that my dad was also only 56 when HE died.

Despite all the advances we've made medically, technologically, culturally, socially...people still just die too young sometimes.

Well! This took an unexpected turn toward the morbid. Here I was going to amuse you with pop culture references to things I loved as a child and teenager which would have some of you, no doubt scratching your heads and saying, "Wut? Huh?"

Like H.R. Pufnstuf! I loved that show! Did you know it only aired for 17 episodes? That's crazy! Also, I don't know about you, but if H.R. Pufnstuf was supposed to be a dragon, they sure did a crap job of creating his look. And hey! Guess how old the kid that played Jimmy in that show was when he died? 53.

You know what other show I loved? Ultraman. MAN, I loved ULTRAMAN. And Land of the Lost. Sleestaks were The Awesome. They just don't make bad guys like Sleestaks anymore. And Lost in Space. I wanted to BE Penny.

This seems to be skewing about 5th-6th grade-ish, so other things I loved:
  • GRAPE FANTA! I totally made my mom buy me some in Massachusetts last month and you know what? As good as ever!
  • The Carpenters: On Top of the World
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder (duh)
  • The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews
  • My red, white and blue record player
  • There was more. Much more. But now it's your turn!
Cracking Me Up: Speaking of Sleestaks
How Much Do I Love This? Let me flowchart the ways
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I love grape soda...yum yum. I had a crush on Jimmy...haha! And loved Land of the Lost. I remember being so let down when I saw it years later and the special effects were so incredibly bad.

Land of the Lost was SO horrifically bad, it was great! I've not seen the movie re-make, and refuse to...expect it can't live up to the horrible good/bad-ness of the original.

Well, we definitely share the Laura Ingalls Wilder thing from that era. I also loved LotR, Moomins, British bands such as Dire Straits and The Police, Star Wars, MTV (new back then), Swedish progg (progressive rock basically), my black "china shoes" and the ice cream cone "Storstrut" which came from GB Glass, but I don't know if it exists anymore. It's basically a cone form of "Glassbåt". On tv I watched "How the west was won" or "The Machahan family" as it was called in Swedish.

...and probably lots lots more.

People here wax very nostalgic about the GB favorites of their childhood :D I remember how excited some of our friends were a couple of years ago when they brought some old ones back.

OK, the only tv show you mentioned that I've even heard of is Lost In Space, and I LOVED it, although I remember virtually nothing about it now other than the robot. It seems like there was some line from it that my sisters and I were saying to each other years later, but no clue now.

I also loved Dark Shadows, which I understand is being made into a movie as I type, Mr. Dep playing Barnabus, hmm.

Cherrie Ames was a favorite book heroine when I was nine or ten.
I loved Twilight Zone, frequently watching it with my cousin Kenny. I wonder where Kenny is now, lost track of him years ago.

Butterfingers candy bars, butterscotch candies, corn on the cob.

I had strawberry soda only at my paternal grandma's and loved it. Mm. Maybe I'll have to go to the soda pop store next time I'm in LA and see if I can find it. I have a vague memory of finding it there a few years ago.

I loved dill pickles, homemade by my maternal grandmother, and often got in trouble for eating too many of them before supper.

I also had a gawdy pink heart shaped boxed, maybe ten or twelve inches wide. It locked with a combination and I kept all manner of Halloween candy in there, probably far past the freshness date, which did not yet exist. I loved that box, and I wonder what ever happened to it.

My favorite thing in the whole world was the weeping willow tree in my grandma's back yard.

I loved Twilight Zone too, and there was another one along those lines whose name is escaping me at the moment.

Also YUM on butterscotch candies!!


Sometimes when you hear about wellknown people, or not so well known people, passing away at a certain age, I can't help but think "Oh, wow, mum/dad are about the same age!", or like "Omgosh, in x years S. is that same age" and then I get all panicky on the thought of loosing them. Like with Steve Jobs, S. is turning 46 on Thursday, so if he was to die age 56 that'd give us only 10 more years together. Ofcourse things don't work that way and he could end up living over a 100 years of age LOL, but sometimes it just strikes me. Fact is that S. is 12 years older then I am, (and he's a smoker and a pretty heavy consumer of alcohol) so the chance that he'll die several years before I do is pretty friggin big. This scares me sometimes, so I try not to think about it too much heh.

I think about that all the time, and it makes me very nervous some days...I feel like I'm heading into that age group of scary diseases and sudden heart attacks and such: URGH. I try not to think about it too much, too but it doesn't work very well.

Edited at 2011-10-19 08:09 pm (UTC)

Oh, well I successfully named three of the four Monkees off the top of my head tonight, and if that doesn't date me, it's because you're younger than me!! :-)

hahaha! I never really watched them, though I could sing along. I can only name 2 of them!

From Megsie

Oh, I totally watched Land of the Lost. I remember the girl's halter-top was red & white checked, and there was some sort of computer that would light up colors. I also remember the Sleestaks, but I can't remember any of the story lines or anything else. Just the girl and the boy running a lot. I also watched Bewitched, and loved it. And I Dream of Genie. I always wanted a bottle with a little couch in the bottom of it. There were also the usual suspects: The Brady Bunch, Gillagun's Island, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island (which was always just on the edge of being too scary)(and also: "De Plane...De Plane"), and Three's Company (Come and knock on my door...take a step that is new...) Great. Now I am going to be singing that song all night. Along with "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip..." I have papers calling to me or I would be here all night!

Re: From Megsie

Storyline, schmoryline...who needs a storyline when you've got SLEESTAKS? Ssssssssssssss! hahahahha!

We watched all those other shows too, except I never saw much of Brady Bunch. Hee! Maybe all that horrible 70s television is what has turned me so off TV-watching now!


I totally didn't proof that! I meant: Gilligan! Sorry!

I'm still in the states with Michele and Erick and lovely little Tristan. Michele and Erick are on a Wonder Years kick and it's been interesting to me to watch that show and feel my own childhood memories bubbling right up to the surface.

Oh. Note to self: do not ever go into show business. Love, your 53 year old living and kicking friend.

I only saw a bit of that show, don't remember much about it except that the boy in it was in one of the Austin Powers movies later.

I THOUGHT you'd been awfully quiet lately, forgot you were still away. Are you in grandmother heaven?? :)

I remember the long sleeved ringer t-shirts that had a rainbow running down one sleeve and across the shirt. I wanted one SO badly that I still remember the strength of that longing. I also remember adoring my blue fur coat (looked a lot like cookie monster) and my red knit sweater that I took to preschool, as well as a t-shirt that had a glitter image of a monster on it that read "I'm a little Monster." Other than event-related things of the 70s, significant to me and my family, that's about all I remember of the 70s--I was born in 1976.

I remember those rainbow shirts, too. and baseball-style shirts as well. :)

The fact that you are listening to King Crimson — Matte Kudasai also dates you, good in keeping with the theme! I thought no one else would know that one.

Penny from Lost in Space was also Brigitta in the Sound of Music so she had my jealousy all locked up years earlier.

I also remember when they switched out the youngest Partridge Family boy, Chris the drummer, and no one was supposed to notice. They looked nothing alike! They had totally different hair! I guess they figured we were all supposed to be swooning over Keith and pay no attention to the boy who was closer to our age.

I wasn't introduced to King Crimson until well into college, though, so that was early 80s stuff for me :D

I remember "Penny" being in the Sound of Music. She was in some other movie I saw more than once, that I can't remember the name of, as well...a dog was involved and a river? and a boy? Hmmm...I'll have to IMDB her.

Can you believe I never saw The Partridge Family? Not once! Must have been on when we didn't have a TV (6 years) or else I was just already too interested in sci-fi/fantasy stuff to pay attention. I never watched The Brady Bunch either.

H.R. Pufnstuf was only on for 17 episodes? That was part of a show that had a lot of various shows on it, but I'll bet that another commenter has picked up on that. I doubt that H.R. Pufnstuf was supposed to be a dragon -- but was he? 0.o

I didn't realize it was part of another show...I don't remember that at all. And all the things I found about Pufnstuf being king said he was "dragon-like", etc...maybe he just SMOKED? :D

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