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How many more years will I get to enjoy this part of Halloween WITH my kids? Martin is nearly 14, Karin 12...time flies so fast and when I look back at all the years of jack o'lanterns I can't help but hope there are still a lot more in our future. This was the first time that I handed everything to the kids: spoons, knives, bags, ideas and let them have at it. I helped out with the hard parts and stuck knives and tiny teeth cuts here and there but mostly they did it all from start to finish.

Karin always wants to do really elaborate, fiddly designs, but since pumpkin-carving kit tools always break on the über-thick-skinned Swedish pumpkins, we always just end up using the ancient steak knives that have been in my family for a thousand years. But using them means keeping it simple: 3 or 4 teeth, a preference for triangles, funny faces instead of complicated Halloweenie artworks.

Who gave that guy a knife??

The little ghost above Karin's pumpkin was made by one of the kids from a bit of fabric and half a toilet paper roll when they were in lower elementary. There are 2 of them; they've held up surprisingly well.

Karin's pumpkin is starting to rot a bit, and the handle came off when she picked it up to bring it in for carving, so he's got a big hole in his head. I suck at figuring out how to turn the flash off and take non-blurry glowy photos.
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One day I want to carve my own real pumpkin as well and burn a candle inside it!!

What are you waiting for????

I don't know what I'm going to do with my family. We always carved pumpkins, growing up, and Mom would roast the seeds for us (yum!). But now the majority of my nieces and nephews belong to an uber-religious household that doesn't believe in Halloween (!!!), and I'm married to a man who has never, IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE of 50+ years, carved a pumpkin, and sees no reason to start now. If we didn't have so much else going on, I'd drag him out to the pumpkin patch and make him haul one home for me to carve...

Love the expressions on your carvers' faces! And the pumpkins are great -- good to know that the tradition survives into another generation!

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That's crazy about your nieces and nephews and your husband! GO GET A PUMPKIN and make him help you carve it!!

From Megsie

Oh, they turned out so cute! We will be following your lead next weekend! I love the glowing and the spooky!

Re: From Megsie

Karin's pumpkin was starting to rot, so I didn't want to wait another week :)


It seems my comments are not showing up any more on your blog... I hope I haven't done or said something wrong?


That's weird, I'm seeing them! Let me see if I can figure out what's going on.


However I don't see my replies now to this. It says it won't be published until you allow it.


This is really weird. I'll have to investigate the privacy settings when I get a chance and see if something has changed (though I haven't done anything myself manually).

I think LJ keeps thinking you're a potential spammer for some reason, and sticking you in the "screen before posting" section. I don't know why it would, though, you've been commenting on my journal for years.


And I will keep commenting so screw LJ spam filter! ;)


Wonderful outcome! Well done, Martin & Karin!

I'll give them the knives every year from now on! Hee!

What fun! My attempts never turn out nearly so nice!

And I swear, your children get more grown-up and beautiful with each passing day. There's almost no "little kid" left at at all in those faces.

I let the kids have the knives this time...maybe that's why! haha!


The kids look so grown up, when did that happen?

I love Clifford the rock, he's perfect for dressing up - great idea!


Overnight, it seems! XD

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