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Last week was crazy, this week is, if anything crazier. I feel like I go go go from 6:15 in the morning when the alarm shrills to 11:30 pm when I finally get my brain to turn off and actually fall asleep. Work is nuts, life is nuts. Am I nuts yet? It sure feels like it.

Yesterday was supposed to be the only day that we didn't have something in the evening, but it suddenly filled up with unexpected stuff and I did an excellent imitation of a chicken running around with my head cut off only I wasn't squirting blood, thank goodness...because, ew.

Each day at work, when I suddenly realize it's time to wrap up get home so I can pick up kid(s), get dinner dealt with, keep the house at least picked up, make sure the kids have done homework, gone to piano and hemspråk and driven Karin to soccer practice or innebandy practice and then picked her up again, while I go to the grocery store or get gas or run home and work on the website or get meeting stuff ready or answer emails or call new members and activate them or empty the dishwasher or pay bills or whatever, I find there is hardly ANY TIME AT ALL TO PLAY Wordfeud or Scribblenauts on the iPad. Or read one of the huge pile of books that is calling out to me!

Today after another crazy work day filled with meetings and dinging notifications every time another email or request came in on top of the million already in the queue, I had the AWC meeting in Malmö to get to. I had already arranged last week for Karin to get a ride to and from soccer practice this evening with another girl from our village that just started on her time only to find out yesterday that she was sick and wouldn't be going. AAGH. So I let Karin take her soccer stuff to school and arranged with a teammate's mom to let her come home with her friend after school and stay there until practice and go home again with them after where I would pick her up, which I did at 9:30, after the meeting was finished and I drove a friend home.

BUT inbetween work and the meeting, I drove to Malmö, found a parking place in the busy square immediately (score!), and went and ate a sushi dinner all by myself. While I was eating, I consciously lowered my shoulders a fraction of an inch at a time until they felt like they weren't bunched up around my ears where they've seemingly been for a week and a half. I put the chopsticks down between each bite. I thought about what I was eating, and looked around me and wondered if the woman speaking English at the table near me was someone who lived in town or just a visitor on business. I checked emails on my phone and got one that has info I was really in need of. I checked in with both kids and they were fine (Martin was home alone, and made his own dinner). And then I still had half an hour before the meeting was going to start so I walked to the bookstore just to look and came out with four new books to add to the pile waiting for me to find time to read, and I can't wait to read them all.

I finished The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell on Sunday night and checked out her other books online and put most of them on my to-buy list. And they had one of them at the bookstore today, so of course I bought it. And I bought 3 more:

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Just My Type by Simon Garfield
Storyteller, The Life of Roald Dahl by Donald Sturrock

And I thought, could I have picked any 4 more different and yet more fascinating-sounding books? And to top that off, I started Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton last night. I am so freaking ECLECTIC! haha!

Now I have to go, because it is already 10:16 pm and I need to go read in bed because that alarm is not forgiving. It doesn't care what time I managed to put the book down. It goes off at 6:15, like it or not!
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