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I waited too long to write anything tonight and now I feel I'm running out of's alread 9:30 and I need to go to bed by 10 if I'm not going to be a zombie tomorrow...and since I will read until 11, I will be a zombie regardless. Which is my modus operandi, actually: stay up too late, read even later, get up when the alarm goes off, BRAAAAAAAAAAINS.

Work is just seriously insanely busy. We get in more than 20 "official" requests a day (there are 4 of us) and countless more unofficial ones that consist of emails, phone calls, people dropping by to ask questions, etc. According to the stats I've seen we are handling an average of 79 requests a week EACH (and I can tell you that MY average is way higher) and that number has continued to go up even though we've added 2 people in the past year. I get in at 8, and feel like I am just banging out answer after answer after answer until lunchtime comes around, and I'm shocked that it's already 12 every day. Mostly I manage to restrain myself from working in the evenings because it's not like there is not enough OTHER stuff to do, in my life.

We had a all-too-brief shining moment of glory at 11:35 am today when there were actually NO UNASSIGNED TICKETS in our job queue, for probably the first time ever. I sent out an email to our team to commemorate it, but neglected to take a screenshot for proof and of course, 10 minutes later: pow pow pow! Another 7 requests had dropped in. *sigh*

Sunday is Swedish Father's Day and I have no idea what to get have the kids get for Anders. Guess we'll have to go shopping on Saturday and see what we can find. I need to start looking for a baptism gift, too...hmmm...

We have a very sharp bread knife (it's new) and tonight I managed to slice my finger a good one, while I was slicing mini pavés to put in the freezer (they're like mini-focaccias, sort of). I felt it as it sliced in and managed to stop before I did any major damage. It's a lateral slice right across the tip of my right middle finger, just under the nail and it would NOT stop bleeding for the longest time. OW OW OW

What I am Looking Forward to:
  • Sleeping in on Saturday (like always)
  • AWC Wreathmaking workshop
  • Our annual Thanksgiving Potluck here (we'll be 26 people! That's the most ever! We only have enough chairs if we use absolutely every possible one in the house, including the kids' computer chairs and the two grungy white plastic porch chairs)
  • Baby Sammo's baptism and a weekend trip to Germany
  • Christmas vacation...I need to ask for some time off, better get that done!
What I am NOT Looking Forward to:
  • Dentist appointment on Thursday with a new dentist (my dentist, whom I loved, retired without warning a couple of months ago...I'll give this new guy 1 chance to make me feel comfortable with him)
  • Baking 90 million cookies the day after our Thanksgiving dinner for the annual AWC Cookie Exchange
  • Anders being gone again 2 weeks in a row
  • Stressmas!
What are you looking forward to or NOT looking forward to?

Did you choose? Did ya? Huh?

I said I was going to try and post every day. I never said it was going to be pretty. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!
mood: optimistic
music: Glee/Kristin Chenoweth—One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not a Home


Hm, it sounds like you guys could use some help over there. STill haven't heard from your HR people, though.
Having just written my own I'm-too-tired-to-write-but-I'll-put-something-out-there-anyway-ramble, I have to say that yours _is_ prettier. But the choices will have to wait until I can find some more BRAAAAAAAAAAINS!

We're all crazy busy, so yes, but I'm sorry to hear you still haven't heard anything from HR. It's such a LONG process. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you, though!

What is an unassigned ticket? :)

Since my life is too much for blogging at the moment and I miss it so much, I started a blog for mobile blogging until makes that possible for android phones. It took them over a year to get their iPhone app up and running, so... maybe this century? :)

But I want to at least write SOMETHING, I miss it. And with the mobile phone I can write short entries on the go. It's easier.

Let's see if a blogspot blog address works as an open-id here.


Did it work? I got the email notification, at least. An unassigned ticket is just a job request that no one has taken yet. :) We have a policy to assign (take) jobs within 48 hours, or earlier if possible.

Yes it worked! :) I just wish I didn't need to start a whole new blog to be able to blog with the mobile phone. But hey, at least it works as an open-id. :)

Ah I see now! Where do these tickets come from? So I guess the unassigned tickets kept coming after that short rare break?


We have a web-based interface for Marcom (marketing communications) requests that our regional marketing and corporate marketing people use to ask for help with materials that we produce for them :)


Your posts, even the fast 30 minute ones, are great fun to read. Is this all the sushi talking? Or the massive multitasking skills it must take to handle more than 80 requests a week (that is huge!).

Back to work myself, craazy times. Currently creating a 20 language site. After hacking our way through 3 right to left languages I find Russian relaxing, and Moldovan English with an accent. It's all in perspective right?


Haha! True, it IS all in the perspective. Hey, how do you handle the right-to-left languages? We can't do Arabic here as we were told we had to have a specific Window ME operating system to do it.


It is a headache, but absolutely possible for websites. Here's a nice tutorial from that covers the basics:

Google Translate is wonderfully helpful too, for double checking your work afterwards.


Thanks for that! I've forwarded it to our web dept guy who came up and warned me this issue is coming to a head!

Ouch Ouch Ouch. How are you typing with a fingertip wound?

But you are looking forward to Eating cookies, right??

Looking forward to a FAKE Thanksgiving & FAKE birthday, but not looking forward to the crazy busy schedule and home/house/stuff work between now and then.
Looking forward to PIE!
Not looking forward to making GF pie crust.
Looking forward to more roasted red pepper carrot soup, not looking forward to all the work I see around me at home when I leave bed to go to the refrigerator in prep for the soup.
Looking forward to the vegan cream cheese I will put on my toast. Not looking forward to the way I will feel when I invariably eat too much of the toast and vegan cream cheese treat.
And the beat list goes on....

I had to remove the band-aid I had on my finger in order to type at work today, because I kept hitting the wrong keys with it on :)

my dentist retired a little while ago too! did we go to the same one?? :)

Ulla Thenfors in Malmö?

her husband, göran!!!

NO way, how funny! I was SO bummed out when I got the notice in the mail that she had already retired and introducing her replacement. I HATE changing dentists!!

small world, innit!

i too got a about some replacement guy, probably the same one taking over both their clients? i haven't dared try him out yet. please let me know how you like him!! :)

I will try to remember to let you's tomorrow, so I'll know by lunchtime :) I have the name of a dentist in Lund that was recently recommended to me, so if I don't like this guy, I will try her out in 6 months!

Jury still out...I wasn't very impressed, but he was efficient. I have to go back to get an old filling repaired, so will make my final judgement then.

ok. i'm guessing he has all your old records though so he knew your dental history?
but let me know when you have your final verdict. finding a good dentist is almost as hard as trying to find a gynecologist you like... :(

From Megsie

I love your posts. It makes me feel like I am right there in Sweden with you.

All I can say is I am looking forward to my time off after the Christmas tree is put away. How's that for wishing your life away??!!

Re: From Megsie

LOL! I always think I live too much in the future, always looking forward and never appreciating where I'm at NOW, but that is too funny! I was just thinking about Christmas decorations today and sort of dreading the whole process.

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