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I waited too long to write anything tonight and now I feel I'm running out of time...it's alread 9:30 and I need to go to bed by 10 if I'm not going to be a zombie tomorrow...and since I will read until 11, I will be a zombie regardless. Which is my modus operandi, actually: stay up too late, read even later, get up when the alarm goes off, BRAAAAAAAAAAINS.

Work is just seriously insanely busy. We get in more than 20 "official" requests a day (there are 4 of us) and countless more unofficial ones that consist of emails, phone calls, people dropping by to ask questions, etc. According to the stats I've seen we are handling an average of 79 requests a week EACH (and I can tell you that MY average is way higher) and that number has continued to go up even though we've added 2 people in the past year. I get in at 8, and feel like I am just banging out answer after answer after answer until lunchtime comes around, and I'm shocked that it's already 12 every day. Mostly I manage to restrain myself from working in the evenings because it's not like there is not enough OTHER stuff to do, in my life.

We had a all-too-brief shining moment of glory at 11:35 am today when there were actually NO UNASSIGNED TICKETS in our job queue, for probably the first time ever. I sent out an email to our team to commemorate it, but neglected to take a screenshot for proof and of course, 10 minutes later: pow pow pow! Another 7 requests had dropped in. *sigh*

Sunday is Swedish Father's Day and I have no idea what to get have the kids get for Anders. Guess we'll have to go shopping on Saturday and see what we can find. I need to start looking for a baptism gift, too...hmmm...

We have a very sharp bread knife (it's new) and tonight I managed to slice my finger a good one, while I was slicing mini pavés to put in the freezer (they're like mini-focaccias, sort of). I felt it as it sliced in and managed to stop before I did any major damage. It's a lateral slice right across the tip of my right middle finger, just under the nail and it would NOT stop bleeding for the longest time. OW OW OW

What I am Looking Forward to:
  • Sleeping in on Saturday (like always)
  • AWC Wreathmaking workshop
  • Our annual Thanksgiving Potluck here (we'll be 26 people! That's the most ever! We only have enough chairs if we use absolutely every possible one in the house, including the kids' computer chairs and the two grungy white plastic porch chairs)
  • Baby Sammo's baptism and a weekend trip to Germany
  • Christmas vacation...I need to ask for some time off, better get that done!
What I am NOT Looking Forward to:
  • Dentist appointment on Thursday with a new dentist (my dentist, whom I loved, retired without warning a couple of months ago...I'll give this new guy 1 chance to make me feel comfortable with him)
  • Baking 90 million cookies the day after our Thanksgiving dinner for the annual AWC Cookie Exchange
  • Anders being gone again 2 weeks in a row
  • Stressmas!
What are you looking forward to or NOT looking forward to?

Did you choose? Did ya? Huh?

I said I was going to try and post every day. I never said it was going to be pretty. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!
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