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Happiness is:
  • the arrival of a much-missed person

  • the beginning of a fun new project (go, zine girls, go!)

  • the discovery that the coat I want has been marked down 350 kronor and is now on hold for me to pick up tomorrow

  • the pile of loot that much-missed person brought back for me :)

  • the hugs and whispered "I love you, too, mom" from my kids when I kiss them goodnight

  • an unexpected e-mail from a long out-of-touch friend

  • continuing the e-mail round-robin my mom, sister, brother and I have got going

  • crossing things off my to-do list

  • my son getting out of bed to come say thank you to me for getting to go to McDonald's for dinner :)

  • oh yeah, a cold COKE with lots of ice
mood: giddy
music: Beautiful South—We Are Each Other


Sounds like a great day. I espescially like number two on the list *lol*. Though I suspect number five on the list might be more . . I have no idea what word I want. I neeeeeeed sleep. I didn't get to bed till 2 last night.

I think number one is pretty important, too :)

Oh what a lovely list!!! I'm so glad you're so happy and that A is home :)

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