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11:11:11 11/11/11
My kids tell me I'm supposed to make a wish at 11:11 today, because it's 11/11/11 (even if you write it the way the Swedes do: year/month/date and not the way the Americans do which is date/month/year).

I missed the first 11:11 today, even though I did think about it, only it was only 10:32 when I thought about it and then I got absorbed in the major presentation that I was revamping and forgot about everything else until someone said it was lunch time. I feel like this has been an incredibly long, hard week of work and I am really, really glad it is the weekend. I just made a to-do list for OTHER stuff besides the 2 page to-do list of work stuff that I left on my desk at 5:30 pm when I finally left the office today.

3 good things about today:
Jokes and laughing with my boss and my teammates
Avocado & cottage cheese salad with salmon quiche for lunch
Fun dinner out with colleagues including my friend Lora from the US office

It's a busy weekend ahead for us. Karin has soccer practice and an innebandy match tomorrow morning, and Martin and I need to go to the mall. Anders' family is coming over on Sunday; his parents early in the afternoon so he can change all the tires on our 2 cars and theirs to winter tires, and then staying for dinner as it is Swedish Father's Day.

Plus I'm already working on a couple of Christmas presents and need to get moving on them. I have compiled the kids' wish lists as well as mine, but Anders hasn't given me ANY ideas at all.

Right now, however, I just want to go to bed and sleeeeeeep. My eyelids are so tired that it's almost painful to keep them up. My eyes are so tired that they're burning a little bit as I squint at the screen. And I think I'm coming down with Karin's cold: GAH. I haven't been sick in ages...I was hoping I could continue my healthy streak for longer.

So here is my wish for 11:11:11 on 11/11/11: I wish for myself and for all of you: a good night's sleep, a weekend that includes accomplishments and relaxation, sunshine and crossing things off your to-do list(s) and good things to look forward to.

PS: I just remembered it is Martin's name day today, so I went in and woke him up to wish him a happy one. :D

Also, MOM, where was THIS when we were looking at calendars??
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Sleep well and I hope your weekend wishes come true!


I slept well and long! :D yay!

Ha, one of our coworkers told about the wishing, but then she was off on holiday today, so at 11:11 we all wished her back to work. She did not appear.



Haha! Did you order it? The calendars are increasing now- the one I wanted was available today when I went to B&N. Hope your week-end is exactly what you've ordered! Love, Lizardmom

No, I didn't order it :) I already have the Angry Birds one for next we'll just stick with it. But NEXT year, I hope they have a Moose calendar around when I'm looking!

Wish you the same too, L.

This making a wish on 11:11:11 is challenging-I still have a chance to do it in three hours;) We'll see.

Edited at 2011-11-12 04:12 am (UTC)

It was VERY challenging, actually. I kept having to consciously not get distracted by something else in order not to miss the exact moment to post! :D

From Megsie

I slept very well thank you. I didn't wake up and cough like I have been doing all week. So, this morning I at least feel rested. I am still not feeling good and I hate that. I don't have TIME to be this sick. Yesterday I had the day off because of Veteran's Day. I cancelled my lunch with friends to lay on the couch and doze. I did have to get up and lead a girl scout meeting, but otherwise there was a big butt imprint in my couch! I didn't even post. I am going to attempt yoga this morning. Maybe it will help. I hope your weekend is just what you ordered!!

Doh! Swedish Fathers Day!! Thanks for the heads up. I always forget and then Farmor will call to wish him a happy day and I feel bad.

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