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Why is it every time I take my kids to the mall with a specific purpose in mind...this time: Father's Day gifts and a baptism present, I end up spending 3x what I planned on because I get hijacked by things my kids suddenly remember that they need? Only this time, it was ME suddenly remembering that if we needed a baptism gift, that meant we were going to be at a baptism. A formal event. In a church. Where I would be winning Mother of the Year awards along with the disapproving glances shot my way, engendered by the fact that my children would be wearing tshirts, jeans and converse sneakers.

Neither one of them has anything even remotely formal to wear. To be honest, there hasn't been any real need. The events they've been to when they were smaller were covered by the fact that they were so cute and could get away with something clean and un-wrinkled and a hairbrushing. Martin's most formal attire consisted of a white golf shirt or a short-sleeve plaid casual button-down. Karin has, I think, a sparkly sweater. We just don't DO formal, and even I struggle when faced with having to get dressed up.

We found exactly the Father's Day gifts we were looking for and then dithered about the baptism present for awhile; finally walking away with nothing but a decision to make. So we went shopping for clothes to wear at the baptism instead. Karin completely boggled me by not only agreeing to consider a DRESS, but actually trying two of them on.

Karin. KARIN! IN A DRESS. The last time Karin wore a dress, when she was possibly 7 or so, she stood in the corner sulking for 30 minutes because I had forced her into it for Christmas Eve. I finally gave in and let her change into something else because it was either that or endure the tantrums and trauma for the rest of the day. Since then, I've given up. She just doesn't wear dresses or skirts or anything girly and most of the time her wardrobe resembles that of a slim soccer-playing boy. Not that she doesn't look cute in what she wears, but I gave up hoping for pink or lavender or flowers or anything like that years ago.

The second dress was a no-go, but the first one looked GREAT and after we found black legging-tights to go with it, she gave it the thumbs up. It's a short-sleeved black t-shirt top with a wide waistband and a short, double-layered (almost ruffly) dark blue, black & grey spotted skirt. We also found the perfect shoes to go with it, since she also agreed that she couldn't wear her red converse or her turquoise converse with the rainbow laces with this dress. We found a basic pair of flat sparkly black party shoes.

And then we went to Dressman and found a real MEN'S button-down dress shirt for Martin in a dark blue, grey khaki pants and a black belt. And a pair of hush-puppy-ish shoes with dark blue laces that tie the whole outfit together.

Anders was very impressed with the fashion show when we got home and I can't wait to take a real photo of the kids in all their finery when we get to the actual event. Now if I could just get Martin to tuck his shirt INTO his pants.

Also, I think I'm going to make these for the AWC Cookie Exchange: Chewy Caramel-Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Funny Sunny Birthday Wishes to Megsie!
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i'm waiting eagerly for that picture. both to see soccer girl in the dress and to see if M looks like a younger version of the dressman guys. :)

Haha! I'm convinced the Dressman guys are androids!

From Megsie

Oh, thank you so much for all of the sunny wishes! I can't wait to see that picture! It sounds like your shopping spree was a great success. Did you ever get the baptism gift?


No, because I was still dithering over the decision when the mall closed. But I think I know what I'm getting even though it will mean some extra work.


Yeah! FOr more photos! Can't wait! Hope you can find the perfect gift. Love. Lizardmom

I don't know about perfect, but I found a gift. And I will use YOUR suggestion for Christmas, so all good :)

Will wonders never cease! We'll require photographic evidence of course.

I know, right? If she was a website, I'd have to take a screenshot. :D

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