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I've been going through a million bazillion CDs of photos from the past million bazillion years for a couple of projects I'm in the middle of and I'm not even halfway done, but I found these 2 today and they made me laugh:

We have a family tradition of rabbit ears and moose antlers behind people's heads in photos (which my mom HATES), but I sure missed the placement on this one! :D
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From Megsie

LOVE, Love, love this! You are such a beautiful family! And your kids are little here (as they should be!). So. Cute.

Very cute photos of you and your kiddos. Amazing how they've grown.

I like to do rabbit ears too, on family and some friends, if I can get away with it;)


I can't believe how much your kids have grown, over the time I've known you on LJ...

Too cute, even with the lopsided "ears."

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