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Someone at work, who is probably looking for another job, told me today that I should get out too, and find a place where I would be more appreciated, because in her words, "you are not appreciated enough around here". This actually made me laugh (though it made me sad for her, because she obviously feels it applies to her), because it couldn't be more untrue. I swim in appreciation at work. I dive into it daily and dog-paddle merrily about, with my chin held high. I honestly don't think a day goes by that I don't get a thank you or a compliment or a happy smile from someone that I have helped.

For someone who loves sleeping in as much as I do, I have spent 7 years at this job, never having to force myself out of bed because of having to go to work (I just have to force myself out of bed because MMMMM BED). I love my job. I like my boss. I like and respect the vast majority of my colleagues and I think the company I work for is really great. Of course there are days where things go wrong and people make me crazy and we pretty much ALWAYS have too much to do, but still...I would never, ever consider for a moment that I am not appreciated at work. It's a nice feeling, and one that I wish everyone could enjoy.

This whole week (heck, this whole MONTH) has been super busy and super crazy and today seemed to be one of those days where people were extra grumpy and extra sensitive and critcisms were freely flying all around the heads of my team. Mostly we managed to bat them away or fend them off, but some of them stuck and stung, and feelings were running a bit high all around. I worked late several days this week, and was sure that even if I had worked 24/7 all week long, I would still not be caught up with all the projects I am in the middle of. At one point, I said out loud, "How many things can one do simultaneously before your head explodes?" Kristian, who sits next to me, said without missing a beat, "Two" and I fired back, "That's because you're a GUY!" to general laughter from the other 2 women on my team.

Today's bonuses
♥ Leftover macarons in rainbow colors!
♥ Picking up a Christmas gift that I just ordered 2 days ago
♥ Sushi for dinner!
♥ Anders offering to fold the laundry so I could finish writing this post :)
♥ Martin's laughter
♥ The knowledge that I don't have to be anywhere until 5 pm tomorrow

I have a lot of things to get done this weekend as well, because in addition to all the projects at WORK, I have a whole pile of them at HOME, too. Plus we are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner next weekend and I need to get into town to find stuffing, and buy FOUR (!) turkeys before the end of the week, in addition to a metric ton of potatoes for mashing. How much butter goes into a metric ton of mashed potatoes?

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: A Creative Loophole

*Title from a quote by Lord Byron
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I know, I know, I AM always super busy...but it's been feeling even MORE super busy than normal. Usual end-of-year holiday madness, I suppose. :)

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