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I was going to save this for Thursday, and a do a Poetry Thursday post, which I haven't done in a million years, but I've already been saving it for a really long time, and Thursday feels a long way off at the moment, though I know it will zoom up, and past, before I know it.

I've been thinking about poetry a lot lately, and how I don't seem to write any poems anymore. I used to write poetry all the time. It used to flow out of me, especially when I was angry or sad or boggled about something. The last poem I wrote was in 2007. 2007! Nearly 5 years ago. How can that be? I READ poetry all the time, in books, and magazines, and online, but nothing seems to be shivering loose down my arm from my brain anymore. Have I forgotten HOW?

It's not that I've stopped seeing things that move me, or reading about things that interest me, or writing, for goodness' sake. It's not that I have no creative urges at all, but they seem to have gotten subsumed into other areas of my life, and are never released in poetry form these days. Even when I am choosing to live a more intentional life, to be in the here and now, I need to remember to record my feelings, my thoughts, my observations, and in addition, to remember that prose and journaling are not the only forms of expression.

You Ask About Poetry
by Mark Nepo

You ask from an island so far away
it remains unspoiled. To walk quietly
till the miracle in everything speaks
is poetry. You want to look for poetry
in your soul and in everyday life, as you
search for stones on the beach. Four
thousand miles away, as the sun ices
the snow, I smile. For in this moment,
you are the poem. After years of looking,
I can only say that searching for
small things worn by the deep is
the art of poetry. But listening
to what they say is the poem.
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music: Poi Dog Pondering—Postcard From a Dream


How funny that you write about poetry today- when last evening while I was at an event featuring a jazz singer - who also did quite a number of funny songs - I was thinking about you and how you had to hear her recite a poem called pie! I actually bought her cd to send you- just so you could enjoy it too. But, after listening to the entire cd after I got home- all recitations instead of songs - too many were sad or angry, so will look for someone to just copy the one titled "PIE". :) Love, Lizardmom

What's her name, mom? Maybe I can find PIE online!


Claudia Schmidt was the singer- but she was reciting someone else's poem - and it's the way she does it that makes it so great- so much expression! That's why I want to send you a copy. Love, Lizardmom

I know. Where has it gone? I never write it anymore either.
At least you are still reading poetry.

It's weird. I used to think it was an integral part of myself...but 5 years? That's crazy!

I know!
Similarly, I still think of myself as someone who writes a lot in the longhand journal, yet for the last 7(!!!) years this has really dwindled. I am backed up on blank books, because I still buy them (and receive as gifts) at the rate I am used to, but I don't fill them at that rate....

I have a pile of blank books...some with just a couple of pages filled in, some with none. I've been getting them since I was a teenager, but I've NEVER really been one for journaling on paper, so they've mostly gone unused. Sad!

From Megsie

My poetry writing has waned as well. I still want to, I just need time to sit and notice. I always seem to be more poetically inclined if I am out walking, and I haven't done that since spring. Maybe after Christmas?

Re: From Megsie

Time to sit and notice. Time to REALLY sit and focus. Too many projects means not enough time for that, and when I do get time to sit, I spend it reading :)

It should be "small things worn by the deep" :)

Haha! The worms have obviously worn me down!

OMG, your icon!!! *laughing hysterically*

One of my sisters used to say that she couldn't work on creative projects when she was pregnant, because it felt like all her creative energy was going into her growing child. Perhaps your creative energy is similarly going into different avenues at this point in your life.

I've been doing a lot more creative projects of late, but it's meant letting other things in my life fall behind. It's hard to choose what will make the most positive difference in daily life, but sometimes being creative is more important than keeping the kitchen table clear or vacuuming the living room.

(Of course, I don't have kids of my own -- that obviously has a huge impact on what choices are even possible to start with!)

It's very true, but I think it's gotten worse. I was, at least, in a choir for several years when the kids were small, but nowadays I just don't feel I have time for things. Granted, work HAS gotten crazier and kid activity time has gotten more demanding, but I don't think that's the whole story.

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