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I can't believe it's the 22nd of November. I can't believe I have posted 22 days in a row. I can't believe how bad some of those posts were. I can't believe that it is Thanksgiving in 2 days and First Advent in 4. I can't believe Karin has ANOTHER sore throat. I can't believe how dark it gets by 4 pm. I can't believe how long my to-do list is getting, and I haven't even put the holiday stuff on it yet. I can't believe how funny Martin can be sometimes. I can't believe that I only asked for a week off at the end of the year when I have 21 days of vacation saved. I can't believe how much money I spent on turkey and potatoes (among many, many other things) today. I can't believe how many cookies I have to bake on Sunday (96!). I can't believe how much I miss my mom some days. I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I can't believe it's nearly bedtime already.

Can you?

Edited to add: HOLY ARTWORKS! I just got a sneak peek to Squam 2012 and I can't believe the October 2012 session is going to be in ITALY. That's on the same continent as me!!
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NO I CAN'T, because it's not dark HERE, nor is it bedtime!!

Take some deep breaths, light a candle, give the girl something hot to drink and plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas posts on LJ!!

Check, check, check! :D

From Megsie

I can't believe you think ANY of your posts are bad...THEY ARE ALL GOOD. Brilliant really.

And WHAT? Italy?! Geez. I wonder why not Minnesota? HA!!


Re: From Megsie

Brilliant, schmilliant.

Also, I think you should TOTALLY COME!!


In Italy!! Am heading over to check out the link. Very cool. (And 22 down, only 8 more to go, yippee!)


The info isn't up yet for Squam 2012, it will be posted soon; they have a new website going up mid-December. :)

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