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It's 2 pm, 3 hours before our guests arrive for our Thanksgiving bash. The last 2 turkeys are in the oven. The entire house is sparkling clean, thanks to the help of ALL of us (Martin windexed, Karin dusted, Anders mopped, I vacuumed). The tables are set up and decorated, and I have nothing do do for 3 hours but write this post, eat a (very) small lunch and RELAX.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. Life is good :) Happy weekend everyone!
mood: relaxed
music: Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald—Cheek to Cheek


Hope you are having a great feast & friend/family time Liz.
I know you are.

It was lovely!

From Megsie

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving Saturday in Sweden! Have a great time!

Re: From Megsie

We had a simply lovely evening! :)

Have loads of fun, and 'eet smakelijk!'! And don't forget to take a grouppic :))

Done and done! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving dinner!

Thank you, we did! :)

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