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Yesterday was great...everything went well, despite a last-minute cancellation from one family which brought our total down by 3 but ensured more turkey leftovers all around. The food was fantastic, from the main courses all the way through to 2 perfect pumpkin pies and an out-of-this world chocolate cake with candied cranberries on top. This year, people left at a fairly early-ish reasonable hour, which just meant that we were able to get the majority of the clean-up done before we went to bed last night.

Karin took photos of the tables: we had 2 set up, one for the adults and one for the kids. Our house is a party palace!

And I took a photo of my stylish children, who dressed up for the occasion! (apologies for the blurriness, I had the wrong camera setting on apparently, but you get the idea). Karin got lots of compliments and shocked exclamations at her dress, which pleased her immensel :)

And we remembered at nearly the last minute to get the group shot. I had meant to do it before dinner, but of course, in the hustle and bustle of greeting everyone and heating things up and getting things to the table, it was forgotten. But here we are all, including both London & Chelsea :)

We all slept in the morning, then got up and Anders took down the tables & chairs and returned them to the rental place. I washed wine glasses and made the cranberry pistachio bark cookies which are cooling on the porch. All I have left to do today is package up the cookies and eat leftovers! Is there a better way to spend a Sunday after a party? I don't think so ;)
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