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I realized a little while ago that I had never posted about the amazing job Anders did on renovating the playroom. I don't have photos of the whole entire room, because we still have to hang paintings, but that's not the important thing.

The playroom was the first room, after the kids' bedrooms that really needed an overhaul. It was very much a playroom from the beginning, when we built the house and the wallpaper was very much child-focused with blue skies full of fluffy clouds and green meadows full of fluffy sheep. We had shelves filled with games, lego, art supplies, stuffed animals and various other toys. We had a mini table & chairs and a place to hang artwork and a little desk that held the kids' computer.

But now, with 2 YOUNG ADULTS in the house, it was time to move away from the toys and the cuteness and turn the playroom into a real family recreation room. We bought a new sofabed a couple of years ago, so we kept that and the curtains and the game shelf and a lovely old chest that Anders got from his sister and painted grey. Then Anders sanded down the sheep/clouds and we painted the room a pretty shade of blue, and then he built in a flat-screen TV wall with shelves to hold games and cabinets underneath to hold electronics and consoles and DVDs.

Most of this happened while I was in the States 2 years ago on my annual business trip, but the best part of it was the surprise he planned and executed while I was gone. In addition to the renovations we had talked about in advance, he put in a drop ceiling and filled it with ...STARS.

He and a friend actually placed all the ceiling panels on the living room floor, punched constellations in from the back side, pulled LED lights through and put everything up. They mapped out the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper and all 4 of our family's star-sign constellations, so we have Leo, Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius twinkling at us from the ceiling whenever we want.

The LED lights are on a special switch too, so you can change the star colors, or rotate through them or make them blink! It's kind of hard to see the constellations from these images, but you get the general idea. :) It is SO COOL! Check it out:

starry ceiling

starry ceiling
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