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Augh! Only 2 days of November to go and damned if I know what to write about tonight! Anders left for Italy this afternoon. Now I have to get up early for 2 weeks to make sure Karin gets to school on time (she leaves before Martin & I do), URGH. I finished another project today and crossed a pile of stuff off my to-do list.

Why is it that every time I upgrade iTunes or the iPad something doesn't work?? I can't get iTunes to open even though I've reinstalled it; it just keeps freezing. ARGH. Anyone out there an iTunes whiz that can help me figure out what's wrong?

Anyone have a question they want to ask? Surely there must be SOMETHING you are curious about!
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Writing prompts :)

I'm reading this before teaching a class tonight, so here are some of the conversation topics from my lesson plan as writing prompts. GO! (Feel free to adapt as you go or to totally ignore. But do finish up your month! It's so great!)

---What is one of the most satisfying experiences you've had in your life?
---Would you rather prepare your own meals, have someone at home prepare them, or eat out? Why?
---Do you ever get stressed? What stresses you?
---Would you rather go to Paris, Cairo, Bogota, or Chang Mai? Why?
---What things in your daily life do you sometimes get tired of doing?
---Would you rather have been born in an earlier century? Why or why not?
---We all want to accomplish good things in our lives and be good people. After you’re gone, how do you want to be remembered?

Re: Writing prompts :)

WOW! That's nearly a whole 'nother month of posts! :D

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