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Someone suggested that Martin and Karin write an Our Mom post like the ones I did about them. I will plan on doing one about Anders sometime, but he's a lot more private than I am so I have to check with him first. :)

So, here is My Martin and My Karin about ME!


Our mom is very weird :)

Our mom is veeery *cough* funny :)

Our mom embarrasses us by singing when our friends are here.

Our mom is loving and caring, most of the time... ;)

Our mom wishes Karin would play Wordfeud with her (So she could kick her butt at it too..!)

(Haha, very funny Martin ;))

Our mom is the most beautiful woman in the whole world!

Our mom has nine and a half bookshelves. (More than eighteen-hundred books!!)

Our mom looked like Melissa Gilbert when she was younger.

Our mom can't wait until the next Sherlock Holmes movie comes out.

Our mom is good at baking cookies. (mmmm.. Cookies.. :3)

Our mom is reading Empire magazine as we write this.

Our mom is really bad at math. ( :) )

(Okay, we are writing way too many smileys... :P)

Our mom dyed her hair orange for Halloween and called herself a "Halloweenie"...

Our mom emails alot..

Our mom used to read the dictionary for fun...

Our mom likes to meet up with her friends.

Our mom needs to be constantly reminded that she can't use us for slave-labor.

Our mom calls us little doggies. Ruff ruff!

Our mom handed down her funny-genes to us :3

Our mom refers to us as spawn, on occasion...

Our mom has five-hundred-thousand Christmas decorations.

Our mom has two adorable, wonderful, polite and funny children :D

Our mom has lived in Sweden for fifteen years!

Our mom once knew German, but can now only curse and order from a menu. (Du bizt ein peltzmutze!)

Our mom is a genius! ;D

Our mom can speak and understand Ubbu Dubbi :3 (Gubenubiubus!)

Our mom just got a new nephew!

Our mom has the coolest mom EVAR!

Our mom has an eerie fascination with moose... O_o

Our mom has with this post reached her goal of posting every day in November! (Even though this is our post...)

Our mom is the best... Nuff said.

(No animals were harmed in the writing of this post...)

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music: Hayley Westenra—Never Say Goodbye


Ahahaha! This cracked me up. You have trained your spawn well I see! And with such a plethora of expressive emoticons!

LOL! Hilarious and adorable! You are a lucky woman and they are very fortunate kids.

I love the, "okay, we are writing way too many smileys"! So cute.

well done!

Good one, Liz...I mean Karin & Martin.
And you did make your posting goal, though I swear November was speeded up.

From Megsie

After your posts about them, I didn't think I could love them any more, but now I do! You have great kids, and funny... I think I would be scared to see what my kids would write about me, all my secrets would probably be revealed. :) :o

Karin & Martin: This was awesome :P

From Megsie

Oh, I forgot to request that you post every day in December too. I love having you in my "in box" every day!


Fabulous and funny.



By the way, I'm already missing getting to read your posts every day!


well done! :)

Excellent!!! :) Thank you for fulfilling my request Martin and Karin. You are awesome, and so is your coolest ever mom. :)


WOW, withdrawal. Liz every day for a month, and then silence for 6 days!!

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