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You may think that managing to post every day in November wore me out so completely that I haven't been able to manage a post since the 30th rolled by, but you'd be wrong. I actually barely squeaked my last NaBloPoMo post in because our Internet has been misbehaving (Bad Internet! BAD!) since then, and is STILL acting up.

It won't connect, or if it will, then it just as quickly disconnects, and the wireless won't work and Anders is still traveling and AAAGH. It's making me crazy. HOW DID WE LIVE WITHOUT THE INTERNET BEFORE?! Thank goodness I can check email and do some other urgent stuff at work, otherwise I'd be a completely twitchy basketcase by now. Though, really, who can tell the difference? It IS nearly Christmas. *twitch*

So, that happened. (and is still happening, dammit). And then! Then we went to Germany on Friday for my cute little nephew's Christening. He is the cutest baby on the planet and surely the ONLY baby in history to get baptized in a white plush teddy bear suit complete with ears and a tail.

No, really!

Anders left last Tuesday for Italy on business and the kids and I met him in Frankfurt on Friday afternoon, as he is now there for THIS week. We picked up a rental car and drove the 5 hours down to my brother's place outside of Füssen. SO nice to see him and Simone and little Sammo, even if it was a thorough whirlwind of a weekend. The baptism was on Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening we went to a mini Christmas Market at the castle in Füssen and then we were able to spend most of the day with John and Simone on Sunday as well, carrying Samuel (still in his bear suit) around another, bigger Christmas market in Kempten before heading back to Frankfurt.

The kids and I did the planes, trains and automobiles thing and didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. on Sunday night, which has meant rather serious zombieness this week for all three of us.

Remind me to tell you about the frog lamp later, if and when the Internet stops dicking around and lets me post again.

Mwah! I've MISSED you all!
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