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When we were still in Chicago, Anders and I had dinner once at the home of his Swedish colleague, Johan. Johan and Anna have 2 children, and their youngest, John, was then about 4 years old. I can't remember how long we had been together at that point, but I didn't yet speak Swedish.

Anders, Johan and Anna spoke in Swedish a few times, but mostly the conversation stayed in English for my sake. During dinner, as the four of us were talking, in English, little John kept looking back and forth from Anders to his father, like a little ping pong game. Finally, apparently unable to take it anymore, he leaned over and stage-whispered, "Pappa, pratar inte den där gamla gubben svenska?!"

Of course, they all howled with laughter and so did I, after translation. :)

Today, Martin asked Anders if they had electricity when Anders was a kid.

My poor honey. LOL!

translation: "Papa, doesn't that old man speak Swedish?"
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Well, one has to be tough when one is as old as Anders. After all, he is ancient.:)

Hmmm... you might have him beat, though :)

That's why I know that one has to be tough. Own experience and I am so humble that I share it with my younger fellows for free, hoping that they one day will be as wise as I am!:)

sainthood, that's what you eligible for. :)

Yes. It took you some time to discover that. Bow your knees...:)

Ageing, ain't it a bitch?

That reminds me of an Aussie guy who moved to Sweden live with a girl who already had a small daughter (probably about the same age as that kid). Alas, the girl, spoke no English, and he spoke no Swedish. I guess she did not yet realise that languages other than Swedish existed, so as far as she was concerned, this guy wandered around the apartment making strange grunting noises!

Well, he was Australian, of course he was making strange, grunting noises! Don't they ALL do that?

Did he tell him, "Of course! The dinosaurs brought it down from the mountain for us!"


What did little John say? Something like didn't they have Swedish when you were a kid??? Mmm, I don't know if that makes sense...

oops! sorry, I meant to translate!! It means, "Papa, doesn't that old man speak Swedish?" hahahaha!

That's a classic and one the kid will never live down...HA!

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