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I'm so sad and of my favorite people on LJ, someone I've been reading practically since I started writing this journal, just passed away. She was the most lovely person, full of wonderful, hilarious observations and stories and a quirky fantastic writer. I'm thankful that I ordered a book of her short stories a few years back so that I can read her words whenever I want to, but O!!! How can the place where her voice was be silenced? My heart goes out to her daughter and the rest of her family. jackiejj, you will be SO missed. Rest in peace.
mood: shocked


So very sad to hear. :-(

Oh how sad!

How very sad. She seems like a wonderful woman. I too lost a lj friend recently, also a lovely person hit by cancer. :(

I am so sorry for your loss.

ohhh :( she was so lovely!! ill miss her :(

I'm so sorry. It is always a shock to lose a friend.

She will be sincerely missed. Such a wonderful person and writer.


From Megsie

How sad, and horrible! I am so sorry for your loss, Liz. Sending you hugs.

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