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Whoa! Where did the week go? Why does this always happen to me? :D

As glad as I am to be back to regular routine, I think I'd managed to forget how it grabs you and speeds you along without giving you any time to get your arms and legs inside the ride. What with the crazy busy at work all day and some activity/errand/to-do every evening, 7 days fly by before I can take a breath and realize it's the weekend again. And too soon, another new week. No wonder Christmas seems to be's already the end of January! Only 48 more shopping weeks until the holidays, kids! *hee!*

On Thursday, we had bookgroup with 17 people; a new record. It was really fun and a great conversation. We were discussing The Help, which I first read in Iceland last summer, and am now in the middle of re-reading to the kids because it was ALSO chosen for Little Big Bookgroup next week. Since I was the one responsible for putting the bookgroup books in reading order, and I already knew about that one, I was able to put the book in the same month for both groups, for my own convenience :) But I waited too long to get started on reading it aloud to the kids, thinking because it had been a quick read that it was much shorter than it actually is, and also forgetting how much longer reading aloud I'm starting to be very worried that we won't have it finished on time by Wednesday. Especially since Karin is at another soccer tournament all day today, and has practice both tomorrow and Tuesday evenings, and we still have 10 chapters to read.

Friday night was Wonders and the same book came up in conversation as well. It was really interesting to hear what my Southern friends had to say about their experiences with racism growing up and the attitudes of their parents and grandparents. It's incredible to think about how much has changed in such a short time, and sad to think about how much has YET to change.

We are dog-sitting Eddie, a cocker spaniel that belongs to our friends Mikael & Lene. He's lovely, but you can tell he's a mama's boy: he follows me around constantly. :) He is the brother of another dog that we used to sit once in awhile: Chimay. Chimay, sadly, died in 2008, but Eddie keeps plugging along. He's much lower to the ground than London, Chelsea or Mental, the other dogs we've sat for and now that we FINALLY have some snow on the ground, we've discovered how much more work keeping a shorter dog clean is.

I'm really wishing for more 3-day weekends. I never feel that 2 days is enough, anymore. 2 days isn't enough to get rested and recharged, especially when the weekends are so full of things going on and housecleaning and laundry and errands. Even if I DO sleep in as much as possible on Saturday and Sunday, it's not nearly enough to feel that I'm ready for another work week.

Do you recognize the title of this post? It's a book I was given when I was a teenager, in Belgium. I still say the line, when things are crazy. I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. It was weird and psychedelic and I remember reading it with eyebrows raised. I obviously wasn't alone in this opinion, given the reviews of it I've found online. I never did find out, however, if it was pronounced GRAH-BOAT, or GRAH-BO-TEY.

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My white friends and my black friends have totally different opinions of The Help. Did you think it was romanticized or optimistic?

Both, in a big way. I didn't actually have high expectations of the book, since I'm rather wary of bestsellers...but I thought it was a good coming-of-age story, and an interesting one. I DO think it was romanticized in a big way, which isn't really surprising to me at all. It does make for good discussions. I wish some of our black AWC members had been present at the bookgroup discussion.

On Friday I will be waking up at insanely 4 am to take the train down to your town! :) The mother company are planning to establish in Lund, in Ideon Science Park (do you know where that is?) so I will go down there for a meeting. Will be fun, I have never been to Lund, unfortunately I will only get to see the train station and that Science Park thing - but still.

Will be fun to see a little more than what you see through the train window when passing Lund going to Malmö. I always thought it looks pretty. Is it? :)


Where will you be in the Ideon Park? That's is where I work!! I'm at the north end in the Edison Park building (next to Active Biotech). Are you only going to be here for one day?

It says "Delta 5" - does that say something to you? Our mother company will have a whole floor in that new building being built.

I am there only for the day, my train leaves Stockholm 5:15, arrives in Lund 9:30, the meeting is 10-14 and I go back on a train at 15:23...

How cool that you actually work there!!!


Yep, it's just down the street on the other side. Too bad you won't be here longer, we could have had lunch! You'll have to let me know when/if you get back here again!

I'll be back in Lund in April at least. We will have an event then to kick off this "satsning" so maybe I will be there for a little longer then!

Would be awesome to meet you! :)



I think The Help was romanticized for sure. Also (as is usually the case with books like that) the main figure's story seems more like a combination of many stories all poured into one person. My parents and parent-in-laws grew up at the same time as in the book and they were all active in civil rights in the South, but they perhaps had a tenth of something similar happen to them (and they were in Birmingham and Charleston, not exactly liberal meccas during that time).

The good news is that things are really different in the South now. You can still find very racist attitudes around but the proportions are extremely different now than they were 50 years ago. What you're more likely to run up against is extreme conservatism, but that's another story!


I'm glad to hear that last part. I grew up mostly in the midwest but on military bases, where everything was integrated as far back as I can remember...but considering that the events in the book take place up to and including the year I was born, and interracial marriage wasn't legal until I was 3 and probably not common at all until I was in COLLEGE, it's pretty amazing to think about.

From Megsie

Oh, I loved The Help. Probably because it was so romanticized, and even though it was about racism and inequality it still made me laugh sometimes. It got the point across, but it was still fun to read. Don't get me wrong, I have liked much more serious books, but this one was different.

I also am running from one thing to the next...constantly. Man, I wish things would slow down!

Off to the dentist now!

Re: From Megsie

It IS a humorous book, thanks to the characters. I liked it too, but am really enjoying the conversations and questions with my kids. It's making all of us learn more: a good thing all around!

Oh! And I'm off to the dentist in the morning! Hope your visit was routine!

Edited at 2012-01-23 05:31 pm (UTC)

It does sound like you're back to the usual business of busyness;) You seem to thrive, notwithstanding!

I am planning to read The Help and see the movie. I hope it will be interesting.

Have a good week! And Happy Lunar New Year!

Edited at 2012-01-23 06:43 pm (UTC)

I do thrive on the busy. I can't imagine not having my days filled with SOMETHING :)

It looks like I'll have to read the Help. But I am really here to write about Mental - slight change of plans - we only need help from Sat the 4th until the 11th. See my blog for more info!

Shouldn't be a problem! I'll check your blog, too :) Let me know what time you'll be coming to drop him off.

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