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If the days made a noise as they flew by, what would it be? Mine zing with a high-pitched ziiiiii.

I finally finished re-reading The Clan of the Cave Bear books again, along with the latest one which Martin got me for Christmas. I think the first 3 books are really good, but man, do they go downhill after that. The 4th book is titled The Plains of Passage but should be called The Sex of Sex Sex Sex and the fifth one is basically repetition and filler, and the last one made me want to smack both of the main characters. And then the author. We waited NINE years for this? Seriously?

Now I'm reading Connie Willis and I feel much better about life in general.

The internet is really really slow. No zinging here, sadly.

Every day is so full of things to do that it's no surprise how quickly they pass. Anders leaves in a few days for 2 weeks in Shanghai, and I hope that will fly by, too. There are 2 parent meetings scheduled while he's gone, plus we have the kids presenting at the AWC meeting on Tuesday, and I have a work event on Thursday that I'm not sure how to work Karin's activities around...anyone want to come and pinch-parent for me?

I received permission from my boss 2 weeks ago to sign up for an Inspiration Day seminar in Malmö, and then promptly forgot about it until yesterday, when I realized it's TOMORROW. Which would be fine, if we weren't all so stressed about how much work there is to do, along with all the extra work involved in getting ready for our department kick off next week. And then I forgot that tomorrow we have to drop the Audi off for service, and if I have to be in Malmö all day (where I was planning to get to IN THE AUDI), Anders has no way to get the car picked up at lunchtime (when the service place closes for the weekend) without my help. So, he now has to drive the kids and me to Lund, dropping them at school and me at the train station, and then drive at lunch to pay for the car service and get the keys, and then drive back to work, and then pick me up at the train station after work and drive us both back to retrieve the car. At least we had the good sense to go drop the car off tonight so we didn't have to deal with that tomorrow morning on top of the rest of it.

Anyway, I'll be at this Inspiration Day tomorrow and I'm really hoping it will be good. Last year it was excellent but the one I attended a few years before that was meh. There are 5 speakers from the Graphic Design branch on various subjects. When I had my "personal development" talk with my boss a few weeks ago, one of my goals was to take a few more seminars and courses in my field, but instead of just updating myself on the latest software programs, we wanted to find other, more interesting and creative ways for me to find some "personal development." I'm hoping to be able to take another course I found as well, called "How to lead without being the boss" since I find myself in that role more than I expect, partly because I have been there the longest and partly because I'm older than everyone else. (*sigh*)

O! I had another great idea last week. Listen to this! We were having friends over for dinner a few Saturdays ago and a couple of days before that we were sitting around the dinner table discussing options for what to serve them. We had already decided on dessert: THE PIE. After throwing out a few ideas that met with less than enthusiastic responses, Martin said, "Hey! Why don't we have Taco Paj? We haven't had that in a long time!" and I said, "No, we can't have that. We can't have pie for dinner and then pie for dessert." ...but then later, I thought, well, hey! WHY CAN'T WE? So, I'm thinking I'm going to host a PIE NIGHT for the AWC sometime in March and people can sign up to bring a savory or sweet pie! What do you think? Super Stupid or Stupid Awesome?

Curlique Arabesque Hieroglyphic Birthday Wishes to Christina Rosalie and Belated Ones to ladyvox!
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Though I might regret it later, I would be salivating at the all pie night. I am not a big cake fan but pie, pie I love.

The more I think about it, the better it sounds!

Pie Night= Super Awesome.

The Sex of Sex Sex Sex = exactly right. I remember that book. There was also a time-traveller-doctor-lady book (Jamie?) that was the Time-travelling Sex of Sex Sex Sex. You recommended that one to me you little tart.

Ooooh, tart = Pie = Super Awesome.

JAMIE! Ooooooooooooooo. Also, Mmmmmmmmmm PIE!

Pie night sounds awesome. I get together with a group of women once a month for a potluck dinner, the pie theme might just be the thing when they come here.

I was so extremely disappointed in the final book of the Earth Children series. As you pointed out the quality had deteriorated but this last was just a waste of good reading time.

And it was such a BIG book of waste, too. I kept hoping it would get better, but no.


Oh PIE ---I think that's a great idea. And there's my favorite - Cornish Pastie! Sorry I'm too far away to help - but many of Karin's friends parents have been able to help before - hopefully it will easily work out.
Love, Lizardmom

Yum! Cornish Pastie. I haven't had that since forever!! We didn't even have it when we were in the States last time, why not??


We didn't? How could that have happened - maybe too much traveling! Love, Lizardmom

From Megsie

I want to come to PIE night! Please? I wish that ocean wasn't in the way.

So, I guess I am in the "Super Awesome" camp. For. Sure.

The running around is exhausting isn't it? I am exhausted. I know that. Have fun at your development day tomorrow, I can't wait to hear about it!

Re: From Megsie

I wish I could have an Internet Friends pie night and invite you all over. How cool would that be?

And the creative day was really good (except the last speaker who was rambling and a bit scattered in his subject matter. :)


Why not have taco paj followed by some sort of fruit pie? Sounds good to me -- and apparently to others, too!!! :-)

I agree! :)

Stupid Awesome! A pie night. Yum.

I wish I could have an Internet Friends PIE NIGHT and have you ALL over!

Pie Night?! SUPER Awesome. I'm all about the whimsical dinner parties; I can never throw one without a wacky theme of some kind (all dishes starting with the same letter, all the same color, etc.), and I'd love to come to your Pie Night. :)

all the same color? That can't be easy! I remember once dying mashed potatoes light blue in honor of Easter dinner and no one would eat them :D

PIE, yumm! So how was Pie Night? Or did you talk about it already? Have to go check your later posts.

Chanced upon the five Earth's Children books (slightly used hard back editions,) at a library book sale over the holidays. So cheap at a buck each so I just couldn't pass up that deal! I read all five over the holidays, skipping parts which I found repetitious throughout the books. I agree with you that the first three are good and then went downhill from there. And, the sex in The Sex of Sex, Sex, Sex became predictable (and boring)after a while...Maybe I'll wait to read the 6th book or just borrow it from the library when it become available-thanks for the heads up;)

Edited at 2012-02-03 10:22 pm (UTC)

it's March 10, so you haven't missed it yet :)

March 14 is on a Wednesday this year. Would that work for a Pi(e) Night?

We already thought of that, but alas, it's a weeknight. :)

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