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Aaaaand, there goes another weekend! The sun has set though we didn't see much of it the past 2 days. It's been grey and foggy and now it's raining. I have been cleaning all damn weekend, so it doesn't feel like I had any real time off from WORK. Just a different kind of work. Though I did take a 2-hour nap today after Martin and I got home from cleaning at his school for 2.5 hours.

It's a parent-cooperative and we are supposed to go twice a year on their Fixer-days and clean. I would rather pay something to have the cleaning staff do more. Apparently they only clean the floors and the bathrooms. Anyway, it didn't last as long as it was scheduled to, thanks to the fact that enough parents showed up and cleaned hard for 2 hours. I made Martin go with me and he was outraged, but I stood firm, because it's HIS SCHOOL. And if I had to be there cleaning up after HIM and his classmates, so did he. He said that he would be the only kid his age there, and I said that if so his classmates AND their parents should be ashamed of themselves. Sure enough, he was.

Anders was fixing and cleaning my car all weekend, so he probably doesn't feel like he had any time off either. :(

We did watch 2 movies this weekend: The Help on Friday night and Remember Me yesterday. The Help was OK but the book was better. I had no idea what Remember Me was about (Karin picked it out) and only knew that Robert Pattinson was in it. He's easy on the eyes and did a good job, actually ACTING. The story was okay but the ending just came out of nowhere and left us rather shocked. That's the 3rd time recently that 9/11 has been used in a book or film that I've been reading/watching and I have very mixed feelings about it being used as a sort of literary device. Maybe that's naive of me since it HAS been over 10 years and it IS a part of our cultural landscape, but it seems cheap and easy somehow.

On another note: I saw snowdrops this weekend and the crocus are up and everywhere I look pairs of birds are chasing each other around in the sky. Vern Al Equinox is coming to town!

Oh! And I signed up for the step competition at work that starts April 10 and goes on for a month. We're participating in teams for work and as a company. If that doesn't get me out walking, nothing will. :)

I did nothing for St. Patrick's Day except think of my friend Becky who lost her son 2 years ago and leave a message for a friend whose birthday it was. I didn't even wear green and the AWC St. Patrick's Day dinner was cancelled because no one signed up, so apparently I am not the only boring person around here.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll get back to my exciting life: playing DrawSomething, badgering my children to take their Sunday night baths and feeling guilty because with all the cleaning around here I still didn't manage to get the refrigerator done.

Bodacious Belated Birthday Wishes to brief_therapy!
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Four things (of course):

1. I hope Martin's presence at the cleaning day gets the other parents thinking and that more of them do as you did. (Which was the right thing to do.)

2. Since my actual employer is the city of Stockholm we just finished up our one month step competition. I had a GREAT start, ahead of the average needed to complete the full thing, then I got the flu followed by bronchitis and only finished half the race. But I did learn to stavgånga and THAT was a wonderful discovery.

3. This is the second time today someone has named DrawSomething. iPhone app? Facebook game?

4. Thanks for the birthday salutations :-)

Iphone/ipad or's like pictionary in your pocket!

So...why do they have the parents do this, instead of teaching the kids how to do it, instead? *curious*

Because it's a parent-cooperative, not a student-cooperative. And because teaching responsibility isn't part of the curriculum here. :(

We were the only ones from Martin's grade and there was no one from the 9th grade (and I'm talking PARENTS). There were several from all the rest of the grades, including kids, though the kids weren't helping to clean. Several 6th graders were working in the cafe to prepare and sell refreshments to the rest of us, at least.

From Megsie

I think it is only fair that the kids clean too. It is their school after all. (I know Martin will hate me now.) (Sorry Martin, but you know your mom is right.) I hope other parents follow your good example. It is not like we are talking about toddlers here.

I am sorry that you didn't feel like you had a break from work. That is hard. I find that most weekends I am working more than playing, so it is just the way life is right now. I wish I could close my bedroom door and just read a book for fun. I have Laini's book staring at me. I got it for Christmas. Maybe soon? Probably summer.

Re: From Megsie

We were the only ones from Martin's grade and there was no one from the 9th grade (and I'm talking PARENTS). There were several from all the rest of the grades, including kids, though the kids weren't helping to clean. Several 6th graders were working in the cafe to prepare and sell refreshments to the rest of us, at least.

I, too, was astonished by the ending of Remember Me. No hints to it throughout the film, at least upon first viewing.

Have you read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? While it uses 9/11 as a device, it is quite a universal tale and could take place at any time. The movie, which I just saw, is very very good and one of the few movie versions of a book which isn't just rotten.

I haven't seen it, actually. I was kind of scared of both the book & the movie, but I will give them another look-see :)

As 5th grade is the last year of elementary school, they try to kick the fundraising into high gear to pay for a graduation party, special other things, etc. They want every parent to participate in one fund raiser or another. I did see on one paper that came home that you could opt out for $50, which I intended to do, but no mention of where to send the check, by when, or made out to whom. Typical. Another note came home saying sign up for this event unless you've paid the $50 opt out fee. Well, tell me where/how/when and I will!

What grades does Martin's school cover?

Martin's school goes from daycare through 9th grade. They're in 3 "tracks": daycare, lower elementary (1-5) and upper elementary (6-9) though they've said they will probably break up differently next year and have 3 levels of elementary (1-3, 4-6, 7-9) which I think makes more sense.

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