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It's been a blah week, so I was really looking forward to Friday and a chance to relax a bit. I had promised Karin I would drive her to Sandby after I got home from work, since she was going to a disco with classmates and spending the night with a friend. She had brought in the mail and there was a slip for a package on the table addressed to me. I was pleased, as I thought it was the birthday presents and other items I had ordered last week. So I dropped her off and stopped by the post office, but it wasn't the package I expected. It was a registered mail envelope from the Swedish Migration Board.

It was one of my New Year's resolutions to apply for Swedish citizenship and become a dual citizen.* And yesterday I received the proof in the mail!

It took 4 weeks from start to finish, plus 11 years to get off my duff and do it. :P

Just to make it clear, this does not mean I will be taking up drinking coffee or snaps or eating surströmming or even sill on a regular basis. It DOES mean, however, that I can bork bork bork with authority!

So Friday turned out to be a great day! Sushi for dinner, sunshine all afternoon and bäst av all: I'm Swedish!*

Springy Sproingy Curly Whirly Giant Birthday Wishes to my Beeg Leetle Seester!

*AND American. I am now a dual citizen, keeping my American citizenship as well. :)
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Tusen tack!

Wahoo!!! Congrats and welcome to the dual brood!!!

I'm kind of surprised at how happy I am about it :)

gosh, what an ugly piece of paper. swedes are so matter of fact it's embarrassing.
but congrats!!!

I know, it's hilarious! Anders said I should frame it. :D

From Megsie

Congratulations! I am glad that Friday turned out to be a superior day after all! xoxox

Re: From Megsie

A very good day! :)


Tack tack! :)

Congratulations/Grattis! Where did you end up going out for your first Swedish dinner as a Swede? I'm glad it went quickly enough for you to get your passport back in time for your trip.

Edited at 2012-04-01 01:51 am (UTC)

We're going for a brunch today at the Dalby Gästgifveri

Congratulations! It took my sister 15 years and then about three months to get her American passport last year. Once the motivation kicks in, it's not too hard!! Well done!!

I think American must be much harder since you have to take a class and pass a test!


Congratulations, Liz!


Bork Bork Bork!



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