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It's been a blah week, so I was really looking forward to Friday and a chance to relax a bit. I had promised Karin I would drive her to Sandby after I got home from work, since she was going to a disco with classmates and spending the night with a friend. She had brought in the mail and there was a slip for a package on the table addressed to me. I was pleased, as I thought it was the birthday presents and other items I had ordered last week. So I dropped her off and stopped by the post office, but it wasn't the package I expected. It was a registered mail envelope from the Swedish Migration Board.

It was one of my New Year's resolutions to apply for Swedish citizenship and become a dual citizen.* And yesterday I received the proof in the mail!

It took 4 weeks from start to finish, plus 11 years to get off my duff and do it. :P

Just to make it clear, this does not mean I will be taking up drinking coffee or snaps or eating surströmming or even sill on a regular basis. It DOES mean, however, that I can bork bork bork with authority!

So Friday turned out to be a great day! Sushi for dinner, sunshine all afternoon and bäst av all: I'm Swedish!*

Springy Sproingy Curly Whirly Giant Birthday Wishes to my Beeg Leetle Seester!

*AND American. I am now a dual citizen, keeping my American citizenship as well. :)
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