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I had a half-day on Thursday, Friday off, and today as well. A 4.5-day weekend: JUST what I needed. The only bummer is that I am tired and in bed by 10:30 p.m. and awake around 8 a.m. What gives? I used to be the queen of sleeping in. I can't even get BACK to sleep. *suck*

Easter was sort of perfunctory around here, I'm sorry to say. We did color eggs, which I'm happy about. Karin had a 2-day soccer camp overnight yesterday and today, so the kids got their Easter baskets and lame-o egg hunt a day early. I put skumgodis in plastic eggs and Anders and I hid them around the living room, but we didn't try very hard. By early afternoon, all the candy was GONE. Piggy kids. Anders got a big egg full of chocolate and a bag of salt licorice candy. The Easter bunny passed me by this year, as always. Good thing, because I don't exactly need to be eating candy. Tomorrow is day 1 of the step competition. I managed to ...forget the step counter at work, so I will ride the elevator tomorrow morning to the 4th floor for the last time for a month.

On Saturday, it snowed. Like crazy. It even started sticking and everything was white for several hours. Thankfully it melted again, but it's been SO COLD. Windy, too, and today it rained all day. What a bummer for spring weather, when the buds are big and green and the daffodils are up. C'mon spring, get it together! In addition to having had today off work, we are all off on Friday, so I get another VERY short week and another LONG weekend. I am buzzing through books, as well, and it feels really good to both remember old favorites and toss others into the donation bag.

We dyed our eggs with the old school boiling water/vinegar/food coloring method that we used when I was a kid. I love how jewel-toned the colors are.

Artists hard at work

Someone always has to mix too many colors together and end up with a nearly black egg

Bright colors, bright smile

What's prettier than colored eggs? The splotchy paper towels they were drying on! WORKS OF ART, I tell you!

Eggstraordinary Belated Birthday Wishes to reebert
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Very pretty eggs! Good luck on the step competition, more power to you!

I am lame, in regards to the step competition, that's what I am. :D

Oh what pretty eggs!!

i love martin's nearly black egg! :)

I ate it today! :D

From Megsie

I love that brownish egg! It looks almost metallic. We did some weird sparkle egg decorating kit this year...LAME. I like the classic decorating.

Your eggs (and your paper towels!) are bright and beautiful.

Hope your step competition is off to a great start!


Re: From Megsie

Not great, very very average :)


Our step competition started today. I managed 17047 steps on this first day. :) Cycling and walking to and from work. :)


miamobilbloggar. blogspot. com

Geez louise! You're a star! I'm lucky if I hit 5000 if I don't go for a walk...which I haven't had a chance to do yet this week! ARGH.


Being able to get the exercise to and from work helps. :)

Got over 17 000 steps yesterday as well. And today so far (10 am) 5251 (walking) plus 1850 (cycling) going to work. But my legs are really feeling it today!

You go girl! :)


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mias .blogg .se

"Step counter?"
Obviously I have missed something in my absence. DO enlighten me or direct me toward what I should read, Liz. In fact, I doubt I will be able to catch up with anybody's posts that happened while I was missing in action, but if there is anything you particularly would like me to read, please direct me to that also.
Missed you!

You should read ALL my posts. From the beginning. :P

Absolutely!! (chuckle)

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