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We have been watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones on Swedish TV, and it's on at 10 p.m. on Wednesday nights. I read all the books (except the latest, which I JUST got) ages ago, and remembered very sketchily what happens. I was all excited to watch it and I figured the kids would like it too, because well, the books were really good and they both like fantasy stories and it's quite engaging what with all the interesting characters and what not...and why in the world would they put this acclaimed series on at 10 p.m.?! Crazy. It's a school night!

The fact that it was HBO escaped me, since it's not HBO here, and the fact that it was on at 10 p.m. failed to tip me off, that the show might not be...exactly...kid-appropriate. So it was the COPIOUS amounts of doggy-style sex in the first couple of episodes that was the real clue. As my kids freaked out a bit and decided that app right there on their phone was REALLY REALLY interesting. "Don't look yet," I had to keep saying. EEK! Don't look now either! Egad. Parenting FAIL.

But once they had watched a couple of episodes they were hooked, and I couldn't very well keep them from watching the rest, and besides, they have now seen it ALL. Strangely, all the gore and violence and squirty blood from sword slashes doesn't faze them a BIT.

My brother asked for the box set of Game of Thrones for Christmas, and my sister ended up getting it for him for his birthday at the end of March because it hadn't come out yet by Christmas. He called me one Wednesday evening while he was watching his DVDs and scolded me because I had RUINED Game of Thrones for him. "There's EIGHT SOLID minutes of hot girl-on-girl action...EIGHT MINUTES...and all I can think about is that you let your kids watch this."

"What? We haven't seen anything like that! What episode are you watching?"

"I don't know...7 or 8."

"Gah. We haven't gotten that far. OK, forewarned is forearmed." *sigh*

EIGHT SOLID minutes of "Don't look yet!! Play DrawSomething! And turn the sound down. Yikes."

NOW they've really seen it all.


Last night, we watched Episode 8...there are only 2 left of Season one. The main character is in prison, his children are scattered and fleeing or in peril and I know what happens to them all. I couldn't remember everything so I looked them up on Wikipedia and refreshed my memory with all the tragic details. And after the show ended, I went to bed at 11 p.m. (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, see FAIL) and then lay there and worried about the Starks for an hour and a half before I finally dropped off to sleep.

And to top it off, I woke up suddenly at 5:30 a.m. thinking that I had thrown away* the receipt for my Swedish passport that I was supposed to pick up after work today and had to force myself not to get up and root through the paper recycleables to check.

*I hadn't. Passport is now in my possession!

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Okay I prolly shouldn't have hihi but haha I laughed so loud especially about your brothers text message /giggles

We thoroughly enjoyed season 1 of GoT as well, and are now in the mids of S2. I have to agree with you though - there IS a load of sex in the show, a bit too much if you ask me (but then again, maybe you shouldn't ask me as my husband doesn't seem to mind it one bit ;)) Oddly enough I don't remember 8 minutes straight of lesbian sex... I guess it was one of those moments where I just *had* to get up and make coffee or get a refill or such (even at age 34 I can't watch too graphic sex scenes on tv without getting at least a little uncomfortable - maybe I should get DrawSomething on my phone as well?? :))

You totally should! DrawSomething is great fun :)

This is one of those stories that your kids will recount, years from now, and laugh about with you. ;-)

To their THERAPISTS, maybe. :D

Heh, I got LL season one of Stargate Universe last week. We watched it over the long weekend. To me it felt like every show started with someone having sex. When I commented on it, he just rolled his eyes at me and I realized he really hadn't noticed, he watches tv with his computer in his lap and just tunes out what doesn't interest him at the moment. I decided it will be a good indicator of his maturity. When he starts noticing the sex, I am going to feel very old. :D

I definitely feel old! And freaking about the sex also makes me feel very American :0

When "adult action" happens on the TV I say loudly "NOT FOR CHILDREN!". Of course they reply "Good thing there aren't any children in the room, then."

hahaha! Answer for everything, amiright?

Ouch, haha, how could you have forgotten that the books too are rather racy in places?

Well, in my defense, it was probably 4 or more years ago that I read them :)

HAHA! Well, maybe it's like that argument people use for underage drinking... as long as they're doing it with their parents, it's in a safe, supervised environment and they won't go on to abuse alcohol. Now you are just giving them their first taste of porn in a safe, supervised environment.... hehehe.

I haven't watched the series as we don't have HBO and I seem to have commitment issues with watching television series anyway. I did, however, read the books a few years back. I would have to refresh my brain on the details before watching, too. What I find the most incredible about the series is that I don't want freaking ANY of them to win. I hate them all, as characters, and yet I still am invested in the series. I don't know how he does that because I usually can't stand reading about people I don't like. Arya, is that her name? I liked her until she gets all weird.

I haven't read the last book, but I don't remember her getting weird. Although, they ALL get weird, don't they?


Oh goodness! There is NOTHING more uncomfortable than watching sex scenes with your parents. Your poor kids!

You're making me feel better, by admitting that you couldn't remember much of it - I plowed through the first three books and now it's all jumbled up in my head. I really love the story but SO much happens. And sometimes with TV, things change - I had to pull out of my books and check the family indexes because I couldn't remember someone.

I think this will definitely be one of those family stories that everyone howls over in the future!

:) Sam

I agree. Those books are SO packed with stuff. And they go on forever!

The kids seem to be maintaining their cool, even though they give me abuse about it :)

From Megsie

Alright. More books for me to read... UGH. I am so behind on fun reading. My husband censors American Idol, so I don't think my kids are in danger of seeing any sex scenes...except when they watch General Hospital with ME! I fail all the time in that arena. Oh, well. Maybe we will be up for Mother of the year NEXT year. xoxo

Re: From Megsie

American Idol is so mean-spirited (at least during the auditions phase) that none of us have ever liked watching it. HBO porn, though? Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY! :D

Sorry to have giggled about your parental "FAIL," but must admit that I nearly did.

There are so many sex laden themes these days on the media, that I'm surprised it has taken this long for it to happen.

Two year old Dylan has been exposed to things I would never have let his Mom & her siblings see, but he is much more interested in "Timmy Time.." He is often watching this or another kid appropriate dvd on his little portable dvd player while more adult themed dvds are on the telly.

A question regarding the Swedish passport

I have been following your livejournal blog for a couple of weeks now, I am a foreign person married with a Swedish citizen and recently I got the Swedish nationality. Now I am planning to get my Swedish passport, which documents did you need for this? Can I just go to the police with the letter I got from the Migrationsverket and my personal number to get it or do I need some other document?
Thanks for the information and congrats for your blog, I really enjoy it :)


Re: A question regarding the Swedish passport

Thanks for the compliment :)

Just take the letter confirming your citizenship and ID with you. They do everything at the police station including taking payment, photo, etc. It only took a week to get the passport.

Re: A question regarding the Swedish passport

Great, thanks for the quick answer :)

I hope they will not get mad with my very lousy Swedish :/ otherwise I will have to ask for my Swedish passport in English and that will not be very nice :P


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