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Another long weekend; April is replete with them! I'm both glad about it, because aaaaah: long weekend! And stressed because we have so much to do at work and aaah! short week! Ah well, it's not like I'd get done with the work. It just keeps coming in, anyway.

It was raining this morning so I made a long list of household chores and things to get done and have been steadily whacking away at the list, while watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory on DVD inbetween. The sun came out a couple of hours ago, and I just went out to do some garden stuff...I've been very negligent. The roses and lavender haven't been clipped down and now they're green and bushy and I'm scared to do it myself. So I called my mother-in-law and she's going to come over and help me tomorrow if it doesn't rain again.

While I was looking at the roses, I discovered 3 EGGS, nestled in the dirt, behind one of the busy lavender plants, right next to the house. They are quite good-sized, nearly as large as a chicken's but a very pale green (if that isn't just the reflection of the lavender). They are literally a step away from the porch door. What bird would lay their eggs in such a precarious place? Even if they are sort of protected, and up in the garden bed, STILL! They are right next to the door! I wonder if they are abandoned or if the mother was just freaked because Anders was out there getting the grill ready to make dinner. First grill of the season! Yay!

You know how I decided back in March to spend a month or so re-reading old books that don't belong to a series? I've done really well, I'm glad to say. Here it is, the end of April, and since I started that plan in early March, I've read 18 books, and purged several into the media sale bag for next year. I actually didn't read the book group book for April because 1) I didn't want to interrupt my project and 2) I couldn't get ahold of the book in time. I did get it finally, AT book group, and WILL read it, but I still have a few days to round off my big re-read project. Then I want to re-read Game of Thrones since I got the latest book in the series right before I started this. Martin has been reading it VERY slowly for a couple of months and I was going to wait until he was done with it, but he's taking too long, and plus he's absorbed in a Big Fish iPad game, so he probably won't even notice if I snitch it out from under him.

We're dog-sitting tomorrow for 3 days...a Shih Tzu that belongs to a colleague. The last time we kept her (just overnight), she was still a puppy and not house-trained. I hope that has changed for the better since she's nearly a year old now. I'm sort of nervous about it; I confess to preferring big dogs. I hope hope hope the sun sticks around and we can go for walks with Lucie and enjoy the springtime that is passing by all too quickly. The bird cherry behind us turned into a popcorn tree about a week and a half ago and the blossoms are already wilting. Everywhere I go I see forsythia blazing and magnolias budding and the cherry trees are pink.

*Title from a quote by Hal Borland
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From Megsie

I am loving all of the spring blossoms too...but they are here such a short time. I wish they would stay for a while. I am so jealous of how much you read. Even when I wasn't working I couldn't do that. I am a pretty slow reader, and I tend to sit down and not do anything until the book is read. My kids hate it when I pick up a book! It usually takes me 2-3 days to read a book. Then I actually have to interact with my family again!

Re: From Megsie

I read before I go to bed, I read between chores. I read instead of watching TV. The only thing that stops me reading is playing games on the iPad :)

At the year of 1, the pup should really have the housetraining down. I wish you could take a picture of the pale green eggs, I'm curious how they look!

Anders took a photo; I'll post it hopefully soon. They were so pretty! 3 different shades of pale green, but alas: COLD. Obviously abandoned. :(

Ah, yes, Plants and Zombies -- *that's* where it's from!!!

Cool on sitting the dog -- not *on* the dog, remember!!! :-) Despite her size, I'm sure that Lucie is a lot of fun! Why are you nervous? Okay, apart from the house-training issue, that is. :-) At any rate, I would expect her not to wee in the house, unless the owners let her, which I doubt, or one would doubt. :-S

What's from Plants & Zombies? I've never played that game.

Ah, no, that's where the game Plants & Zombies comes from -- Big Fish.

The lilacs are just starting to bloom around town, and I keep looking at them and wailing, "Nooo! Not yet!", because it's supposed to be below freezing for the next three nights. Lilacs = True Spring, for me.

The forsythia is bustin' out all over, here, too. Great golden shafts of light manifested in flower -- I love it.

Edited at 2012-04-29 03:31 pm (UTC)

Lilacs don't usually come out until mid-May here (along with the rapeseed). I love lilacs!

Edited at 2012-04-29 06:47 pm (UTC)

Ooo, what a lovely icon!

Lilacs are one of my most absolute favorite flowers. They don't normally come out until mid-May here, either, but the weather has been so confused all Winter that everything is blooming early this year, and I'm afraid the nighttime temps this week will do everything in. :-(

We've had lilacs for a couple of weeks now.

Wow, I wonder what the eggs are... Any new clues? Are they still there?

Did you snitch the book from Martin?

I am guessing wood dove, since they were on the ground. Martin though pheasant, but they wouldn't come so close to the house, I don't think. When I tried googling to get some ideas, the first hit was Blue-Footed Booby, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any in Sweden! :P

And no, I haven't snitched the book yet. I started reading the book group book (Just Kids by Patti Smith).

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