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I wonder if anyone has ever counted how many greens there are in spring? 20? a hundred? MILLIONS? Every tree that CAN flower, is. Fields of grass are blowing in the wind, like wavy green oceans. Even the grasses alongside the roads are long enough to dance in the breeze. Anders ripped up and re-did the "vegetable garden" which, most years, grows an untidy tangle of weeds for us, and re-planted 2 of the raspberry bushes, 2 wild strawberries and EIGHTEEN baby strawberry plants from our neighbor. If they all fruit and the cherry tree does well, I will be BERRY happy.

Every morning when the alarm wakes up, I get right up out of bed. I don't mind going to work, even though it's crazy and stressful these days but I sometimes wonder if there is ever enough sleep. Martin was told that 10 hours was what people need to function well. I usually get 7...unless the book I'm reading is really good, in which case I get ...less. Last night I went to bed at 10, read for half an hour, put my book down and fell asleep so hard that I never had a chance to put my biteguard in.

Usually I hold it in one hand while I'm falling asleep and then pop it in just before I think I really will nod off. Inevitably, the moment I do, I fall asleep. It's like a Pavlovian biteguard. Sometimes I wake up with it still in my hand. Sometimes I think I've dropped it and I swipe my hands around under the pillows or under myself until I find it. And sometimes when I think I've dropped it, I realize a few moments later while swiping more and more frantically that it's already in my mouth. I find it amazing that I can deal with a biteguard considering how easily I gag. I hate that about myself.

I don't know what the lifespan of a biteguard is. I hope mine lasts forever because I never want to go through getting another one made again.

I have no idea why I am talking about my stupid biteguard. I didn't come here to write about that, but god knows I have little idea of what to write about at all these days.

Maurice Sendak died today. It made me sad, because he was ONLY 83. Have you noticed how pretty much EVERYONE is too young when they die? I've loved his books and artwork since I was a kid. Chuck wrote a post today about 5 people he wished weren't in heaven yet. He mentioned that he might be able to make it a meme and a meme takes other people to get it going, so!

5 famous people I wish weren't in heaven yet (I only selected people that have passed away in my lifetime)

Maurice Sendak

Diana Wynne Jones

Madeleine L'Engle

Sergei Grinkov

Dorothy Dunnett

I could go on for days with this list, I suspect. What about you?

Really Funny Writing Out There Right Now, Also I'm Craving Pretzels, Dammit: 7 Badass Bavarian Foods You Must Try

Bonny Budding Belated Birthday Wishes to same_sky, thinkum, big_bubba and Sheryl!
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