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Phase 1: Sorting by Color is done, though I'm already beginning to wonder if should we have sorted by FORM/SIZE instead as it's nearly impossible to find the small pieces in a giant bowl full of one color. We've started to build things according to the instruction booklets & sheets we takes forever when you have to find the pieces first. Martin has complete a small car, and I'm halfway through a little turkey. Both the kids, who haven't touched the stuff in over a year, are sitting at the table playing with Lego and building. :)

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i'm experiencing a magpie effect looking at these pics...
that last one is a little disturbing though. :)

hahaha! Body parts everywhere! :D

From Megsie

Oh, geez. They are pretty aren't they? Maybe you need to sort into subsets? You just might be doing this for the rest of your life! I do think it is cool that your kids are revisiting the Lego Fun again, as are YOU!

Re: From Megsie

I can't tear them away from the stuff! It's great! I should have thought of this ages ago :D


I want it all! gimme gimme gimme!!!!
Sammy cannot wait to play lego...

Unkie Johnny


We'll definitely have some for Sammy. Going cheap! :D

That level of organisation impresses me and yet gives me a wee bit of a panic attack at the same time! I never bought my children much Lego - my eldest (boy) had a few Bionicles but I preferred Duplo, the toddler-sized stuff, myself!!

However, if you see this through and sell it, you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams, so have fun!!

I'm not having to do much now...both the kids are fully engaged and building & bagging the sets. I can't keep them away from it. Haa!

Oooh, what did the monkey come with?!

Some pirate set, I think. There's a parrot in there, too and an alligator!

Oh my, LegoLand! I remember it well.
The one hard and fast rule when my chicklets were little and involved in all manner of lego play was that if I stepped on a lego in the middle of the night (or any time) on my way to the bathroom (or anywhere) the piece got thrown away. In other words, always pick up your legos from the floor and put them away.

Our legos were usually pretty well contained in the playroom, but I DID vacuum up my fair share, over the years, I'm sure...though I actually did try not to. :)

Have you ever stepped on one unwittingly?

Oh yeah. It's unavoidable.

Yay, a monkey Lego!


So glad to hear one of my kids is getting pay-back for all the lego sorting I had to do when they...(You) were young. But it is still the very best toy ever! Especially just the building -original pieces!. Love, Lizardmom

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