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It poured rain the day we got married. By then I didn't care, though a few days earlier I would have probably gone bridezilla if someone had warned me about the weather forecast. By the time our wedding day dawned, we had done everything we could to make sure the day was as perfect as possible and would go as smoothly as possible, and I had given up responsibility for the things I had no control over. Everyone kept telling us that it was good luck that it was raining, anyway. It was most important to me that we have a good day, a fun time, and just ENJOY ourselves at our own party.

Every year on our anniversary at least one or two of the guests who were there mentions online or in email what a great party it was, even going so far as to say it was the most fun wedding ever, and we should do it again. And you know what? They are right. It was FANTASTIC. It was beautiful flowers, hilarious toasts, moving moments, AMAZING cake, great music, a delicioius Swedish meal, an excellent photographer who set up a photo booth on the terrace where we could go take silly and solemn portraits. I printed out love poems on pretty papers and set one by each place. Everything was color-coordinated in pale peaches and coral colors. Almost all my favorite people in the world were there. And I was sitting next to the best guy in the world.

We danced our first dance of the evening to Rebecka Törnqvist's Wander Where You Wander, and I still get gushy whenever I hear it.

...way back, I was wandering alone,
I was longing for someone like you
to bring me back home
And I will read you all my poems
I will sing you all my love songs
I'll tell you what it's all about.
And I will show you how to get to heaven
and how we can stay there
you'll never have to do without.
And I will wander where you wander
I will be right where you are
and you'll never turn your back on me
never go too far away
and let me wrap myself around you
hold you in my arms forevermore

16 years ago, on the first of June, I said "I do" to Anders. One of the smartest things I have ever said or done, without a doubt. And I'd do it all again, in a heartbeat.
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music: Peter, Paul & Mary—If I Had Wings


:) congratulations :)

What a wonderful tribute to a happy marriage.

Awww! And I love that picture from your wedding you've posted before. So sweet!

love that song!

Congrats and Happy anniversary Liz.

Awwww... :-)


What a lovely memory - I so enjoyed thinking again of that day. Congrats again for the happy years since that beautiful day. Love, Lizardmom

Heart this, and you. It's so wonderful to watch someone be happy with the guy they ended up with 16 years in.

From Megsie

Anders is SO lucky. This is such a beautiful tribute to him. Beautiful. I hope you two had a great time together celebrating SIXTEEN years. Wow. It is so wonderful that you are still happy and in LOVE! Congratulations!

Belated anniversary wishes! 16 years-wow-a good reason to celebrate! Kudos, L.

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