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There is a nest of baby birds up under the roof just outside of Martin's window. They go crazy, peeping their little heads off as soon as it starts to get light in the morning and it gets light EARLY. Like 4 a.m. early. And they scream for food until approximately 7 a.m. at which time their poor parents who have been darting back and forth for hours must collapse, muddy and exhausted. We are not 100% sure what kind of birds they are, but we guess they must be onE of the LBJs (sparrow, most likely) because that's the glimpse we've had of them flying around and they'd HAVE to be small to fit inside a crack that is no more than a half an inch wide.

It's a good thing they are not under MY window, because I'd have crawled up there and wrung their tiny little peeping baby bird necks by now. We can hear them all the way at the other end of the house WITH the door closed when they're going full blast.

Yesterday was a half day (which my company allows before every full holiday) and today was a day off due to being Sweden's National Day. Even though I was given Swedish citizenship at the end of March, I never received an invitation to city hall for the National Day celebration, which I was told by more than one person was what all new citizens get. Maybe they had an early deadline and I'll get to go next year? Whatever, I got to sleep in like a giant slug, so I don't care.

It's REALLY cold in Sweden right now. Even when the sun is shining, it's cold. Like winter jacket cold. We had weeks of beautiful warm gorgeous weather and then BAM! Fall descended. Apparently. I'm confident that it will eventually get warm again but with Sweden you never know. It could be NEXT summer before it actually happens. *sigh*

Since Martin had a full day of school yesterday and I am the school chauffeur for him and Frida, I couldn't just buzz out of work at 1 p.m. like I would have otherwise, because he wasn't done until nearly 3. So I went to the mall for an hour instead and did something I NEVER do here. I bought pants. RED PANTS. RED CAPRI PANTS.

I know! I have wanted a pair of red pants for years (don't ask me why, I have no idea), but they don't make red pants in my size and besides it's impossible to find pants that fit me at all here...I usually buy my pants in the States once a year or beg my mom to buy and send some to me. I don't even know why I was looking at clothes to begin with. Clothes shopping is the fastest way I know to get depressed. But there I was and there they were, on sale even. And they fit! So now I have a pair of red capri pants...and nothing to wear them with. :D

It's only 3 weeks (if you count the rest of this week) until my vacation starts. I can't wait. I'm sure I can find some cute tops to go with those pants before then.
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From Megsie

Hooray for the red pants! I love it when that happens! I just got home from my friend's house. I spent all of three hours with her (if that) and I am exhausted. I can't even imagine how she is functioning still. I sort of can't keep my head around it. I have kids getting off the bus in 10 minutes so we can begin our racing around for the I hope you can continue to be a GIANT SLUG. I am jealous!

I have a great top to go with red capri pants but I love it too much to lend it out :-P. You will totally find cute tops, though.

I never got an invitation to anything when I got my citizenship and I'm still kind of pissed about that. I even learned the freaking national song while waiting for the invitation that never came. We should start some kind of protest group. We could wear red capris and blue and white cute tops and claim that it's a conspiracy because we're AMERICAN.

My vacation starts in a week and a half. Who's counting? WE ARE.

my vacation starts on monday and i have red pants that are too big for me now. I WIN, HA HA HA!

Yay for red pants! Red is in style now I guess, as I see folks with red pants all over the place. I have yet to go trying any, and my red cords are almost falling apart, so I guess I will have to make the leap one of these days while red pants are available. Yay red pants! (Who knew I could write that much, redundant though it is, about red pants?)

About the birds... EARPLUGS!

I wish I could send you some warm sunshine, Liz. Heck, I wish I could send me some warm sunshine. We had some this afternoon, but it is going away again. Rain on the horizon.

Yes on the earplugs/early birds. I always know when spring hits the city because that's when the birds start squawking. I sleep with my window open and when they start up at 4:30 AM, I automatically reach for my foam earplugs which I've prepared the night before on my nightstand. POP!!! and sweet silence.

Funny; the birdsong doesn't bother me out in Normandy. I suppose it is because Normandy = NOT WORKING.

Have a great vacation in your red pants.


I also bought red pants recently!!! And I also have NOTHING to go with them. Then I found an adorable blue and white top and washed it yesterday and now it is pink! :( there was a plum tank of Rachel's that got in the trough at the front of my washer and I did not notice it. :( So now looking for ANOTHER top to go. everything here int he states has pink with the red and most are flowers and you KNOW I am not a floral kind of person SOOOOO maybe we can find cute tops in three ( if you count this one) weeks when we meet up on vacation.
Love your SEESTER!!!

Maybe you can buy me one of the tops THERE (because I AM a floral kind of person) and I can buy YOU one HERE :D


I do not think you would like these floral prints they are fuchsia, red, black, and white large wild prints. Usually with an underlying geometric print.

Hrm. Okay, maybe not. :P

Ooooh, red capris!!! Wherewherewhere???

Ummm...I think it was Lindex :)

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