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Things I am tired of right now:
  • blurry eyes
  • low motivation
  • AWC stuff
Things I want to do more of:
  • art
  • walking
  • writing
Things I need in order to do the things I want to do more of:
  • motivation
  • time
  • inspiration
Things I am looking forward to:
  • vacation
  • summer
  • reunion with my first family
Things I am thinking about lately:
  • cat allergy vaccines and whether or not they actually work and whether or not my husband would be willing to try them if they did
  • American citizenship and whether it's worth it for my children if, in not so many years, they are going to have to deal with the tax crap that I am dealing with
  • how long it's going to take before the next 2 books in the Game of Thrones series are published and the fact that I'll probably have to re-read them ALL again when they do as I'll have forgotten everything again
Things that never seem to end:
  • the Lego project
  • housecleaning
  • figuring out what to put where in the new laundry room cabinets
Things that I am enjoying right now:
  • being done with A Dance With Dragons so I can tackle the rest of my exciting books-to-read pile
  • watching the flowers rotate through their spring circle: we're done with lilacs and on to peonies!
  • having only a week and a half left of work until vacation starts
Things I am wondering:
  • why no one seems to be writing much everyone afflicted with low motivation?
  • why the pair of shoes I bought last week that fit just fine in the store EVEN WITH SOCKS ON are now a size too small without
  • whether some of the people I used to call friends really qualify nowadays
mood: tired
music: Norman & Wells—Dry Bones


i was driving past flyinge the other day and wondered how the lego sorting was going. :)

Slowly, but it's going. Very frustrating when we can't find ONE piece to complete a kit.

Things I am wondering:

---why no one seems to be writing much everyone afflicted with low motivation?
---why the pair of shoes I bought last week that fit just fine in the store EVEN WITH SOCKS ON are now a size too small without
---whether some of the people I used to call friends really qualify nowadays

I can only speak for myself but I'm lacking the time, energy and maybe also some motivation (to make the time to sit down and write) to keep my LJ up to date. We're working on getting the house suitable to put on the market for sale and that takes most of my (way to small pool of) energy away :(

And uhm, maybe you're retaining water??

I've wondered the same over the past year(s).. It was real nice to get support and well wishes from the unexpected though while going through the first months of the ticker crap. :) Sometimes people surprise you, sometimes they do the opposite.

Retaining water only in my feet? :D


Dunno how it works for you but when I retain water mainly my feet, ancles and hands swell up. So if my shoes suddenly would no longer fit, that'd be what I think of LOL. ;)
Maybe the shoes accidentally got switched for a smaller pair while grabbing the box at the check out or such?! Heck I dunno LOL.. but here sometimes they take the shoes out back to check for a completely new pair .. so who knows..

From Megsie

* I think the shoe shop screwed up.
* I am trying to write more....I think it is more than it has been in the last SIX MONTHS. (HA!)
* I love what LadyVox said about friends. She is wise, she is. (Sorry you are even thinking about it though.)

I am HOT. It is 90 degrees (F.). We are having hamburgers for dinner and I wish we had a pool!

Have a great Sunday Night! xoxo

I have been waiting for those same books for so long that I barely remember the characters, and almost nothing of the plot. If those remaining books are ever published, I'll have to re-read them and by now I am so annoyed that it's taken sooo freaking long that I'm not even sure I will want to. Well, that's exaggeration. I am pretty sure that I won't read anything else from him until it's completely done, though. Some author.. Neil Gaimon, maybe? who blogs posted something to the effect of "George R. R. Martin is not your bitch." meaning that it's unfair for readers to be annoyed with someone for not actually writing and releasing in a timely fashion. And sure, I get that but OMGWTF, as the kids would say. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an author, barring death or serious illness or the like--not that even death stopped Robert Jordan--to finish a series that they're so far into. < / vent>

Heh. Yeah, I have sympathy for both readers and writers in cases like this, but really 6 years and counting IS a bit much. He could have released this last one as TWO books with some space in between and kept people happy a little longer.

I've been trying to update more often but, lacking that time and inspiration you mentioned, I don't know if they're very interesting.

I know what you mean. I don't feel interesting either. I'm reading as well, but not commenting as much as usual either. MALAISE!


I'm wondering the same about the cat allergy vaccine. The kids really want a pet and I feel so rotten being the bar to that desire.

Definitely afflicted with writers block. I think it's the sleep deprivation from the sun coming up so early.

Peonies are wonderfully crumply beautiful. Take pictures!


Crumply beautiful describes them perfectly!

I finished work two or three weeks ago (time flies) and thought I'd have loads of time for everything - including writing more.
Hah! Time I may have, but lots of things seem to have filled it, and they seem like such small, inconsequential things that I wonder, is it me? (Yes, it is - time management and task prioritising are not what I excel at!!)

My sister (Brit, resident in US, with US passport now) has two passports for her children, mainly on the basis that it's so hard to get a US passport if you leave it too late. You never know when the rules will change again!

I enjoyed your musings as much as some of your longer posts - they sum up this time of year, I think!

My kids have had American citizenship since birth but I've never regretted it until recently :(


OF COURSE IT'S WORTH IT TO GET THEIR US CITIZENSHIP! You mean they don't have it already?? :-)

Having to fill out ridiculously-complicated tax forms from overseas is a small price to pay for all the benefits of being an American! There are a lot of people that'd give just about anything for US citizenship. And anyway, they're just as much American as they are Swedish, and will no-doubt end up living and working in the US one day -- they should have it!

Now go fill out the forms right now before I stroke out here just thinking about it! ;-)


Calm yourself, spaz...of course they have it already. They have had it since they were born. And if they DON'T live or work in the US at some point, what, peay tell, are their benefits?

Yes, it's hard to imagine they would miss anything. I wouldn't spend too much time thinking about it though, these tax laws are bound to change a couple more times before the kids start working, though I can certainly imagine it's hard to believe they'd change for the better.


LOL - Oh! Well then. Good. Glad to hear it. :-)

I thought from the way you were talking, that you were contemplating whether or not you should apply for their citizenship. Not that you have a history of delaying that sort of thing... :-P

Well, I think it's kinda hard to believe that they'd never live or work in the US at some point in their lives, but even if they didn't, there are lots of benefits to being American when you're traveling. It'd allow them to travel to the US and stay as long as they wanted, without worrying about visas at all. And sometimes it's easier - or cheaper - getting visas for other countries depending on where you're applying from. And there might be places they'd go where an American embassy could help more than a Swedish one (although I admit, Sweden is pretty well represented around the world).

But most of all, they get the benefit of knowing they're American, just like you get the benefit of knowing you're Swedish, and you belong in either country -- you're not just a foreigner there anymore. :-) The fact that you have to live by two countries' rules is the downside, as you said. Complicated tax forms, and you can't go to Cuba. Small price to pay, I say.


Well, I want to post, but to little internet time so far on this lovely trip to visit my daughter and bask in the warm California light.

I do love lists though, as you know, so yours was one of very few posts I actually made time to read and comment on Liz.

Hang in there. It is usually feast or famine on the writing. Soon there will be more than you can read.

On the shoes; damn, it has happened to me too.

The shoe thing is SO annoying!

Save Anders the trouble. Cat dander is a difficult problem to deal with if he has the allergy very badly. If it is a bad allergy where he gets sneezy and congested just entering the room where cats are, well, my advise is to get yourself a stuffed animal and be happy with Anders.

On the other hand, if it is just a light allergy, then he can get by if he either does not pet the cat or washes immediately and has chairs and rooms where cats are not allowed.

Yes yes, get the kids their citizenship.

Ok, I'll stop giving unsolicited advice now.

Also, we don't have cats and have no plans to get cats, but I WISH we could. I wouldn't trade him for cats, though, obviously, as I still have him and no cats. :P

I just recently heard about an allergy vaccine, though, for cat allergies specifically and there's never been such a thing before. If it actually works without side effects, it might be worth looking into.

And the kids have had their US citizenship since they were's just with all the tax crap, I'm beginning to regret it. :(

I've never heard of that vaccine (except from you). Interesting.

Will they have all that crap though? Never having lived in the states? Won't it be different for them unless/until they do decide to move over here?
Do you have yearly US tax hoops to jump through because of the citizenship, even though you have lived and worked over there for so many years? I'm actually clueless on all of this.

Yes, because the US is the only country (besides Eritrea), which taxes based on citizenship and not on residency. So it doesn't matter if you have never lived or worked in the US; if you are a US citizen you are required to file US taxes (which doesn't necessarily mean you have to PAY, but still) AND now you have to report on the amount of money you hold in any foreign bank accounts.

I seem to go in fits and starts, when it comes to writing. Right now, I'm wrapping up the busiest time of year at work (getting the budget built and loaded for the new fiscal year), so posting has been essentially non-existent. But I think motivation -- or lack thereof -- has also been playing a role. I've had a few spare moments here and there, and just haven't felt like writing, or haven't been able to marshal my thoughts into any semblance of coherency. I must do better.

And your shoes? What the heck? That is just too weird. ;-)

I feel like my shoe size is all over the place. I don't know if it's because manufacturers work like they do with clothing sizes or because my feet are actually CHANGING SIZE FROM WEEK TO WEEK.

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