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I no longer have any faith in my parenting skills since the lessons that I thought I was working so hard to impart are either being ignored, bypassed, dissed or misinterpreted. Where's Mark Twain's barrel when you need it?

First day of vacation: a gorgeous day full of sunshine and wind. When the wind is blowing, the grass and wheat fields look like moving watered silk. The grasses are light green, dark green, silver, red, purple and gold. The edges of the fields are trimmed with poppies. It's nearly 10:30 p.m. and the sun is still glowing on the horizon and will pretty much all night: hello solstice!

Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve and we have nearly all the trimmings for a traditional Swedish midsommar feast but the best part is that we get to spend it with my first family! Meeting up with my mom, and my sister and brother with their families. Wheee!

4 weeks off stretches out in front of me. Already I can feel the tension releasing in my shoulders.
mood: disappointed
music: k.d. lang—Close Your Eyes

From Megsie

Oh, no. I am sure that whatever the lesson it has been clarified, and in such a way that it BETTER NOT be ignored, bypassed, or dissed...again!

Your first day of vacation weather-wise sounds lovely. We have also had a wonderful day. I may just post about it...hmmmm.

I am happy that you are FREE for FOUR WEEKS. And I must feel free with the CAPS LOCK today. Might as well shout: LOVE TO YOU!

Re: From Megsie

haha! Caps Lock Queen! :D Thanks for the cheering words and comments as always: you make my day!

Children always know best, especially after a certain age, and the sooner we parents realise that, the easier our lives would be.

This is certainly how certain of my offspring seem to think!

Sypmpathy (and jealousy that you saw the sun through beautiful skies rather than rain clouds on the longest day!)

I should know that since I am a child of a parent myself and of course, know best. Hee!

Even the bestest of kids have their bad patches -- blame it on adolescence, or on excitement at the start of vacation, or just something in the air, but I doubt it's the fault of your parenting. Hopefully the need for the barrel will dwindle soon...

Many hugs, and hopes that your well-earned vacation is a glorious one!

Many thanks and so far so good on the vacation glory!

I wouldn't write off your parenting skills so easily. Teenagers are notorious for ignoring or outright defying their parents' rules, but it's in there somewhere. Hopefully vacation will help put things in a better light.

Thanks...I know it, but it's much harder than even I expected. :)

Ugh, adolescents ...

My one teenager has given me more trouble than all four of my younger ones put together, so I understand completely where you're coming from. :/

You're going to have a hell of a time in a few years, eh?

Four weeks of vacation! Glorious! Good for you-that's unheard of in the US of A, as you may well remember.

Are you going out of the country?

We were in northern Germany for 9 days but now home enjoying Swedish summer, with my mom here for 3 weeks: bliss!


Hang in there - I'm sure it is just teenager stuff. I know you are a good parent just from reading your blog. So just enjoy your vacation and don't let those kids stress you out too much.


thanks Heather :)

hey kitten!!

what have I told you about teenagers? call me! I am the total teenager whisperer . . . hand to god-- people used to send me their kids for weeks (and months) at a time--- promise I can help. . . don't fret-- all your parenting is IN their-- they will resurface on the other side of this phase-- it is a PHASE-- it will not last. promised.

and? I totally love you-- xoox, e

Re: hey kitten!!

You have no idea how tempted I am to send them to you. You're better than a barrel, any day :)

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