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I no longer have any faith in my parenting skills since the lessons that I thought I was working so hard to impart are either being ignored, bypassed, dissed or misinterpreted. Where's Mark Twain's barrel when you need it?

First day of vacation: a gorgeous day full of sunshine and wind. When the wind is blowing, the grass and wheat fields look like moving watered silk. The grasses are light green, dark green, silver, red, purple and gold. The edges of the fields are trimmed with poppies. It's nearly 10:30 p.m. and the sun is still glowing on the horizon and will pretty much all night: hello solstice!

Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve and we have nearly all the trimmings for a traditional Swedish midsommar feast but the best part is that we get to spend it with my first family! Meeting up with my mom, and my sister and brother with their families. Wheee!

4 weeks off stretches out in front of me. Already I can feel the tension releasing in my shoulders.
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