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It's not yet Thanksgiving in America, since it's still the middle of the night there, and actually it's not yet Thanksgiving for us either, since in Sweden, there IS no Thanksgiving, and our personal celebration is taking place on Saturday, which means we're just using this fine tradition as an excuse to eat too much and party with a bunch of fun friends. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Everyone else is making lists of things they're thankful for, and I feel compelled to follow. Baaa gobble gobble

Things I'm thankful for this year
  • a husband who loves me and doesn't give me (too) much shit about the time I spend on the computer

  • my 2 happy healthy funny loving children

  • my mother, sister and brother, for continually reminding me that family really is more important than anything else

  • my friends, both offline and online, who continually make me think, smile, care, and laugh

  • having met gale_storm, who in addition to being an interesting and funny person, has been responsible for kick-starting my artistic life again, and giving me the incentive, after reading her ENTIRE journal, to start my own. You're my journal-writing role model.

  • inspiring and hilarious writers and artists and journals

  • rants by dooce, Witt & Wisdom, ozswede, among others

  • this job that not only gives me freedom and creative challenges, despite its drawbacks, but money as well

  • the ability to type and read REALLY fast

  • the ability and health to somehow manage to do most of the things I want to do each day

  • and too much more that is ultimately only interesting to me
mood: thankful
music: Loey Nelson—To Sir With Love


I've always been really thankful for being able to read and type. I think they are two things that many people take for granted.

Why the friggin small font? Are we not supposed to see what you are thankful for? :)

It's just to piss off all my really old friends :P

Your stupid really old friends has to visit the optician. That might help about the small fonts, but nothing helps about the old age. However, I'm open for suggestions.:)

oh come on, you get plenty of suggestions in the spam email that comes daily :) LOL!

But it's big enough already! At least I can find it. Sometimes.

and by the way, *I* didn't call you stupid, YOU said it!! :) :)

I guess I just wrote what you thought. :) I guess your are too tactful. :)

Oh, so you're a mindreader, too, among your many other talents?! LOL!! I wouldn't call you stupid. :)

But you did! In your thoughts. I call you liar.:)

also, pants on fire?

Yes, I can feel it all the way to us.:)

Replying here many days late... I'm glad you like my rants! I like writing them, too :)

I read really fast, but alas I only type slowly (not helped by the poodle attachment to my forearms!).

LOL! I don't know how you've avoided carpal tunnel with Lambi lying all over you that way. :)

At least it's not as bad as poor reebert's hubby

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