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Not surprisingly there are few to no images of the men behind the cameras during our family reunion in northern Germany...I ended up with none of Tom, Sarah's husband, and only got some of my brother because my mom shared her photos with me.

John, Sammy & Mom
John, Sammy & Mom (photo by Simone Slaughter)

John & Sarah
John & Sarah (photo by Linda Slaughter)

Sammy & Simone
Sammy & Simone (photo by Linda Slaughter)

Rachel (photo by Tom Fletcher)

Sarah (photo by Tom Fletcher)

Simone, Sammy & Bryce
Simone, Sammy & Bryce (photo by Tom Fletcher)

Anders (photo by Karin Ek)

Bryce (photo by Karin Ek)

Card game
Typical pastime (photo by Anders Ek)

Cow puppy
COW PUPPY! (photo by Liz Slaughter-Ek)

First family!
First family: John, Liz, Mom, Sarah (photo by Anders Ek)

Group shot
Group shot: John, Simone, Liz, Anders, Mom, Martin, Sammy, Karin, Tom, Sarah, Bryce, Rachel (photo by Anders' camera)

Karin (photo by Anders Ek)

Martin (photo by Karin Ek)

Sammy with Karin & Rachel
Sammy with Karin & Rachel (photo by Anders Ek)

Mom with Sammy
Grandma with Sammo (photo by Liz Slaughter-Ek)

5 Cousins
5 cousins! Martin, Bryce, Samuel, Karin & Rachel (photo by Anders Ek)
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What great photos! (And a cow puppy!)


Lovely shots, L! Looks like it was a fun family reunion.

From Megsie

Oh, my! Such a beautiful and HAPPY family. Thank you for sharing! Now I have a great picture in my head when I read your family's comments. :) Sammy is so cute. Too bad everyone ignored him the whole time...

Cow puppy! I love it. It is always fun to see pictures of you and your family. But I really can't get over how grown up the kids are.

That first one is fabulous! They're all fun but that little finger and that face while your mom and brother are hamming it up, priceless! How old are all the cousins?

Martin is 14.5, Rachel is 13.5, Karin just turned 13, and Bryce is 10. Sammy turns 1 today!

Loved seeing the family pix. Thanks!

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