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Why, when we aren't really doing ANYTHING, is it so hard to find time to sit down and post? It's 11:30 p.m. and I should be in bed falling asleep because we are getting up early tomorrow to go Öresunds Runt (around the Öresund) ending with dinner in Copenhagen, but instead I'm catching up on reading blogs and hoping I don't dream about Lego again tonight. Even my mom has been sucked in to the Giant Never-Ending Lego Project.

We have many many kits completed but unfortunately, the majority of them are missing a piece or two. HOWEVER! Lego.com sells by the piece! If we really want to, we can BUY all the stupid Lego pieces that disappeared under sofas and up vacuums and wherever the hell else this many missing Lego pieces go (dogs' stomachs? KIDS' STOMACHS?) and complete the kits and then sell these babies to the highest bidders and retire, RICH AND SATISFIED AND LEGO-FREE, to the tropical destination of our choice.

I'm hoping for bidding wars on the Star Wars kits at least, even though they aren't giant 42-thousand piece Death Star models. Note to self: check Karin's closet for missing Darth Vader helmet.

Seen on the wing: Several giant floating red-tailed hawks. They're everywhere here and so majestic.

Even though we aren't really DOING anything specific or special during these 3 weeks that mom is here, it just feels so very, very nice to hang out, you know? Just fix lunch together and eat lunch together and laugh with the kids over something and play cards on the porch in the evenings while the sunset does spectacular things in the background and the giant bombardier beetles ...bombard the screened-in windows.

I've got a vacation to-do list (well, of course I do) and nearly half the things on it are crossed out and there's still a week and a half to go of my vacation. And you know what vacation is making me think about? CHRISTMAS VACATION.

The only other thing on my mind is the stupid and painful tendonitis flaring in my left thumb-to-wrist area, probably caused by typing, which I've subsequently been avoiding; another reason why posts have been so infrequent. It started a few weeks before vacation and I really hope that 4 weeks off will be enough to heal it before I have to start work and daily typing again.

I bought a ton of books recently and have been happily plowing through them. I just finished Among Others by Jo Walton, which I loved and just started The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which I'm already having a hard time putting down (in between Lego kits).

Is there anything better than a long vacation with plenty of new long-awaited books to read, non-deadline projects to work on when it's raining and time to hang out with loved ones you don't see enough? I doubt it. Unless you add multiple pastry taste-tests and birthday anticipation (Karin's: countdown 2 days). Check!
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