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Liz: Tomorrow you're going to be a teenager and I'm going to be old.
Karin: You're already old.

Hrm. Obviously, she's been practicing.

Karin turned 13 on Friday the 13th but there were no thunderstorms to mark the occasion like there were the day she was born. And nothing unlucky happened either, except that the Converse sneakers that she got from my Mom didn't fit and are going back to the US to be exchanged. She got the soccer shoes she REALLY wanted and tickets to see Veronica Maggio in concert, among other things.

2 days later she left for a week and she's been in Gothenburg since last Sunday playing in the Gothia Cup, which is the largest Youth Soccer Cup in the world. Her team was split into 2 groups (Girls 13 & 14) and she got to play in both series. The G14 team didn't make the A-playoffs and went out early, but the G13 team won GOLD! Anders and I watched the game streaming live on the Internet: so great to see when we couldn't be there in person! Here she is wearing the German soccer jersey her Uncle Johnnie got her for her birthday along with her awesome "Zlatan" shoes.

We dropped Mom off at the airport early this morning. Why is the time never long enough and why does it always go too fast to boot? Thankfully, I'll be seeing her again in just a month, when we get to Boston for my annual 2-week work trip. :) This last week went especially fast because we were busy every day. On Tuesday we went to Copenhagen and had a great time visiting Thorvaldsens museum and walking around the city. We had great weather until we decided to take a tourist boat trip just for the fun of it and got POURED on once we got out into the harbor.

On Wednesday, we drove up to Gothenburg and watched Karin's team play. They won the first game (G13) but lost the G14 one afterwards. And yesterday Mom and I drove to Klippan and had lunch with friends and then visited some great antique stores as well as Yllefabriken (The Wool Factory) which had lovely stuff and an entire second floor of seconds and exhibition items priced just right.

My vacation has flown by and I'm feeling pretty relaxed. So much so that I'm not really wanting to go back to work on Monday. I shall savor these last 2 days as much as I can! It feels like everyone is on vacation too...there's not much action out here in LJ-land. I hope that is the case and that everyone is savoring summer and real-life and recharging for fall.
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Yes, savoring summer, but we've got the thunder storms the last couple days. Actually, the air feels refreshing.... just don't know how to dress.

Enjoy your last couple of days, Liz.

I would like some thunderstorms actually. Today is lovely but it's been cold and grey and rainy for a long time.


It sounds like you've had a wonderful time - I have so enjoyed reading about your family and watching your kids grow up over the years. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

I join you in not wanting to go back to work. Bah! It sounds like you might be here during my dad's visit but let me know your dates, it could also be when we're killing time before school starts.

I arrive August 25 but over Labor Day weekend we are going to Albany to visit my uncle so won't have a chance to see you this time. :(

From Megsie

Doesn't feel good that you made the most out of the time you had? I have been a little sluggish lately, but still working here and there. We had a birthday here too, Sarah turned doesn't even seem possible. Those photos of Karin are so lovely. You have a beauty there, Liz. Just like her mama.

Re: From Megsie

Oh stop! she's a beauty but she doesn't get it from me! :D I'm really hoping that work won't be totally stressful when I return, but since everyone else is gone, it might be...urgh.

your children are so handsome! and smart and funny. what did you do in a former life to get so blessed? and what did your mom do to get so blessed? :)


I'm a little behind on my blog reading (you don't say!), but Hapy Birthday Karin, and congratulations on your win!


Um that from me ^ Sheryl. iPhone won't drop down log in menu

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