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Yowza, what a busy day! Whirlwind shopping and errand-running and boy did I hit the jackpot at the craft shops! :)

The kids and I got to Oxie at 10:15 and had lunch, after which Farmor joined us and we hit Malmö. First to Ekohallen to buy a new school backpack for pre-schooler Martin. Then to Matton (paper!!!) and Panduro (everything else!!!), a quick stop at Aladdin where we struck out on bead drapery (don't ask) and then to the photo studio to get Martin's passport pictures. Took one of Karin too, and they both turned out EXCELLENT. I'm very happy with both pictures, and excuse me for gushing, but man! (and I know all you child-free-and-loving-it-folks out there are going to roll your eyes) I have CUTE kids! :) Then on to IKEA and Toys R Us, and back to Oxie to drop off Farmor before heading home. Whew!

I'm SO motivated and full of excitement about my art project even though I don't even know what it's going to be or what to call it. It's not really an altered book, although it will be in book form, and it's not really a journal. Thanks to all of you who have inspired me so much to get started, especially galestorm, thesidhe, jes6ica and reebert.

I found some great stuff at both Matton and Panduro. Matton had lovely papers: rice, silk and beautiful prints. Not a huge selection, but enough to get me started. Plus 2 blank journals with thick pages and heavy covers. Panduro had lots of little stuff, and fabric scraps on sale for 12 kronor each. Got some gorgeous batik pieces, happy happy!! Off to spread things out and see what I have!
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You do have cute kids!!!
And I am child-free-and-NOT-loving-it! Still trying to convince my husband that 10 years as a family of 2 is LONG enough!


CUte kids- good thing I read the other comments and wondered how other commentators knew- I missed the link page! They are getting so much older looking!!! It's been much too long since I saw them in person! :( Mom

I can't believe it!!!!

I couldn't believe it when I read that you were getting into altered books, scrapbooking etc. It's Val!!!! I am just getting into the same thing myself. All of your stamps will be helpful too. If you haven't been using them you will now!!!! I'm so thrilled!!!! Can you tell by all of my !!!!! That's excitement in print!!!! I will be in touch. I'm off work for 2 glorious weeks which started tonight at 5:00 (really 6:00). I will have free time to be creative and really have some time to get my mind in the flow of things. By the way, I love this live journal. More from me soon. Bye!!!

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