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OMG halfway through August and where have I been? Busy busy busy and obviously not writing. I haven't even been online that much though I have tried to keep up with reading as much as I can. Kicking back into work routine has consumed most of my mental energy and what hasn't been occupied with that has been eaten by Lego.

No, still not done.

I will never be done.

Last night, Martin and I went out with sweatshirts and mittens and blankets to lie on the trampoline and watch for shooting stars. It was super clear as I drove home so I had big hopes that we'd be rewarded with a great lightshow of shooting stars. It was FREEZING cold: only 11.5C and the trampoline was WET (not from rain, just from condensation, apparently), but we didn't care. We spread out the blankets and climbed up anyway and directed our gazes toward the heavens, chatting away. Zoom! There went one! And then the clouds started rolling in or more accurately, they started getting thicker in a big circle RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS though it remained clear around the edges which was SO unfair. We saw 2 more before the cloud cover caused the last constellation to blank out.

I was hoping we'd get another chance tonight but the sky is pretty full of clouds so I doubt it will be worth trying. Maybe tomorrow, if I'm not too tired.

My birthday was full of lovely things: woken by a singing family with hugs and presents (a new iphone!) and even though I had to work, the day went well, we had a delicious chocolate biskvi for the friday cookie and I left early.

I picked up my friend Camilla who is in town for summer vacation and we went and played in the Malmö bookstores before meeting up with Debbie for a fantastic dinner. And I had free parking TWICE in town to boot. I didn't get home until nearly midnight and then I went out again LAST night with 3 work colleagues at a tapas restaurant which was fantastic and today we had Anders' family over to celebrate my birthday and my father-in-law's and Anders cooked the most amazing meal including chantarelle mushroom sauce and we rounded it off with a cinnamon swirl birthday cake with buttercream frosting.

So yeah, there's a reason why I am not losing weight. :P

Martin starts school on Thursday which was shock for both him and me as I had it in my head that both kids started on the 20th. But I overheard someone at work talking about their child starting on the 15th and I thought I'd better check. What a bummer to have to break the news that his summer vacation was shorter by 2 days than he thought and to make things more unfair, Karin DOES start on the 20th.

This week I'm hosting Bookworms here on Thursday and have Wonders to look forward to on Friday, so the busyness just continues. And only 2 weeks before I head to Boston! Can't wait! :)
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