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There that pesky rascal Tme and his buddy Real-Life went, skipping along hand in hand and dragging me with them willy-nilly! So much for my good intentions.

I flew back over the Atlantic last night, landing in darkened, quiet Reykjavik for a midnight layover and then soaring into Copenhagen just ahead of the rising sun at 6 a.m. this morning. My flights went perfectly smoothly which is always a plus and I read until my eyes blurred, dozed for a couple of hours and listened to my Spotify playlist all the way home.

My key was nowhere to be found in the bottom of my bag so I had to ring the doorbell at 8 when I arrived home and wake up Anders and I barely managed to give him a hello kiss before I collapsed into bed. Only 3 hours nap but I've managed to stay awake the rest of the day and now it's heading into evening so I think I'm doing pretty well and hope I'll be able to sleep most of the night as I have to work tomorrow: right back into the routine!

My 2 weeks in Boston were great: really productive, constructive meetings and trainings (I'm starting to feel like an old hand at giving presentations!), excellent feedback and several compliments to bring back to my team and that great feeling that I got a lot of good work done. In the evenings Mom and I shopped and ate at our favorite restaurants and read and chatted in the hotel room.

I had the pleasure of dinner with Elizabeth who, as always, is a source of inspiration and motivation to me. And Mom and I had a relaxing weekend with fantastic weather outside of Albany with my uncle Sam and his sambo Joanne who showed us the most gracious hospitality, including a 2-hour boat tour up and down the Hudson River and a sightseeing trip to Saratoga Springs. And I even had three (3!) massages during the 2 weeks, the last one of which absolutely knocked my socks off and got every single knot out of my shoulders...at least for a couple of days. :)

Tomorrow it's back to work and a whirlwind calendar filled with things to do; it's making me dizzy just thinking about it all!
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