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Sleep in like a giant slug: take that, jetlag! Pow!

Open the porch door and windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in

Enjoy the smell of fresh cinnamon buns that your husband is baking (to sell at the soccer game later)

Finish a really good book that you didn't expect to like (Room by Emma Donoghue)

Catch up on your magazine reading (1 issue of Intelligent Life, 2 issues of Martha Stewart Living)

Eat a yummy lunch of Cream of Potato soup (imported from the USA) with bacon

Get the kids to pick up their rooms

Do laundry (I like the smell of freshly laundered clothes)

Get a boatload of work done on AWC stuff: sending directory check emails, finalizing the annual meeting presentation, working on the directory, talking to a board nominee about the position she's signed up for

Start a new book, the last in a fun space-opera series

Get a list of calendar dates for Wonders all the way through NEXT August!

Listen to your daughter describe the goal she made in the soccer game (they tied)

Lie down for a nap, but end up listening to Spotify and watching trailers of upcoming movies you really want to see: Lincoln! Oz! *quietly* Breaking Dawn, part 2!

Add Erin McCarley's new album as a Spotify playlist and listen to it all the way through 3x

Make a yummo dinner of salmon, rice and artichokes

Head to Lund to catch the laser show at Kulturnatten (Culture Night). Stand in line for half an hour for tickets in the lovely autumn evening people-watching, but give up after finding out the next 2 shows were sold out and we'd have to wait until midnight: go home and have myskväll instead
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music: Erin McCarley—What I Needed

From Megsie

Ah. That was such a better Saturday than mine. I have a class on Saturdays. It meets 12 times. We have had two, so only 10 more times and then I can claim my Saturdays again.

Love your words as always. xoxo

Re: From Megsie

I would hate to have a weekly obligation on the weekend: I treasure my "down-time" even if much of it is busy.

For a restful day, that was Astoundingly! productive. ;-)

It was, in both ways!

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