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I'm beginning to think the fates are moving against us in the matter of going home to the States for Christmas. First we had to wait forever to get approval on Anders' vacation time, then we tried 3x to buy tickets online that were apparently NOT EVEN AVAILABLE, then we had to wait another week to get permission to take the kids out of school a couple of days and NOW I discover that Karin's American passport expired in February! AAUGH.

Anders is in Italy for 2 weeks and every single day has got something scheduled. I had to write myself a note of day by day things to remember to go to and do. If it's not AWC stuff, then it's soccer and innebandy for Karin or parent meetings for school or various appointments. Right now I just want to sleep for about 72 hours and I can't: too much to do and I'm already cheating by taking 10 minutes to write this.

I received my long-awaited copy of A Field Guide to Now and it is everything and more it promised to be. Delicious, ethereal, intimate and moving in so many ways. I'm transported and inspired and then plunk heavily back to earth each time I realize I have more things on my to-do list. It's truly a wonder my head hasn't exploded. Work, too, is completely insane. Batshit Autumn, as always.
  • Monday: Doctor appointment (me), piano practice (Martin), innebandy practice (Karin), soccer practice (Karin)
  • Tuesday: AWC board meeting and annual meeting (me), (soccer practice avoided because Karin hurt her hip)
  • Wednesday: Hemspråk (Martin & Karin), innebandy practice (Karin)
  • Thursday: Soccer game (Karin)
  • Friday: shopping for winter clothes for kids (All)
  • Saturday: Innebandy game (Karin), Gothenburg Book Fair (Martin & me plus AWC people)
  • Sunday: Soccer game (Karin), Pumpkin Patch (Martin & me...may skip this)
  • Monday: Innebandy practice (Karin), soccer practice (Karin), piano practice (Martin), soccer parent meeting (me)
  • Tuesday: Soccer practice (Karin)
  • Wednesday: Hair appointment (me), hemspråk (Martin & Karin), innebandy practice (Karin), Innebandy parent meeting (Karin & me)
  • Thursday: School Parent meeting (Martin & me), soccer practice (Karin)
  • Friday: AWC sushi night (All)
And the week after that is just as bad. *sigh*

Boggled at in Malmö: Pulled up to the corner of a quiet night-time city street with my blinker on to turn left, only to be arrested at the sight of a man zipping toward me on a Segway, both hands and all attention on the iPhone he was holding.

Wowed by in Flyinge: Driving home through Flyingeby, and having to pull over to watch the flock of 20 or so storks practicing aerial acrobatics above the Kungsgård stables.

And I haven't even written about my weekend jaunt up to Stockholm...hopefully I'll be able to grab another 10 stolen moments soon.
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Ye gods, woman, you need a personal assistant to keep up with a schedule like that! Hope you get a chance to breathe, in there somewhere!

Dang! I almost forgot about that! Good thing you reminded me! *schedules in breathing*

If you DO get to the states for Christmas, and you DO happen to be in MI, and if I also happen to be in MI, we should ditch our responsibilities and consume beverages together one afternoon. ;)

That would be awesome! parents just recently ordered their tickets to the US for Christmas (the 18th to the 28th of December), and not only did they get them super easy, but also at the best price ever. (they're going with Icelandic Air)

My husband tried for another hour and a half last night with no luck :(

From Megsie

Okay. I hate it when my RSS thing decides not to work. I closed down my mail today to make it go away for a while, and when I opened it again I had all these posts sitting there, and now I am not only behind in every aspect of my real life, but my virtual one as well. Bug.

My schedule looks much like yours without the AWC stuff, but with other stuff. The overlapping thing: Soccer. I am so done with it now. Three kids: Four nights a week for me. It is possible when I have my week nights free, I will actually get to have a break from work on the weekends. Maybe. We'll see. I am teaching a Saturday class, so the weekend isn't mine anyway.

Scheduling time to breathe with you.

We both need to go to bed for 72 hours straight!

Sending you a big HUG even if you did start singing Jingle Bells in your last post.

Re: From Megsie

I feel perpetually behind on everything, even when I've had a super-productive day. Sad, that's what it is. More time to breathe, please! Today was a relax morning, but now have to get moving & motivated!!

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