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Work is insane, it's too dark out, it's raining, the kids are on vacation for a week, we're dog-sitting and I forgot we have to carve the pumpkin tonight. I miss summer and I can't wait for vacation.
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From Megsie

Your "Blow me" sign made me laugh. I am too busy for words as well. Thanks for providing me with a tiny break, but I am going back to it now. xoxo

Wow, that's a power packe first sentence, Liz. You pack it!!

Emergency sushi meeting!!
Friday 9/11 (LOL - Emergency meeting on 9/11!!)
Friday 16/11

I can do it the 9th...I THINK. I get back from London the night before at 1:30 in the morning so the next day may be a bit crazy as I have to work and will be a zombie. Plus I have a meeting at 1 pm, so I'd have to be back in time. I can't on the 16, but the 23rd works... let me know what you prefer :)

I don't like the way the 9th sounds. It's against the rules for sushi lunch to be stressful. I have to double check about the 23rd. As it stands right now I can't but it's possible the telephone meeting that was scheduled has been cancelled. I'll let you know. Have fun in London!

Bleh. The meeting wasn't cancelled so I can't the 23rd. Now we're looking at November 30? December 13 or 14 or 20 or 21?

November 30 will have to work...unless you want to do a different day than a Friday?

I don't have any other days than Friday in November. In December I had two Thursdays and two Fridays. But if November 30 works for you we're on!

It's on my calendar!


Hang in there!


Hope the pumpkin carving goes well! Then I bet things will feel a tad bit better. This year we've managed to skip the pumpkin carving, I hope the kids find it in them to forgive me ;-).



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